Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Favorites in 2012

Over the next few weeks, we will see many posts, articles, etc about the best of, the worst of, top... of 2012. In that vein and stealing the idea from Singlema. I created my own list for 2012. Here are 12 experiences, things, etc from 2012 (in no specific order).

1. Celebrating 40 Years in 40 Days: I can post 12 moments just from these 40 days. I did not really know what I was doing when I came up with that idea, but I had a great time celebrating my 40th birthday for 40 days straight. I had a blast celebrating with people from different parts of my life doing so many activities. We did not do too many things that were grand but I did have a grand time taking dance classes, climbing Stone Mountain, eating, and celebrating life.

2. The STRUT Experience: STRUT the Magazine, STRUT T-Shirts, the STRUT Weekend, and now the STRUT Movement is the brain child of my creative and awesome line sister Darcova. I was honored to write for her the second half of the year. Her Facebook page is always filled with tips you can use in your life. Not only is she giving great information, she has a circle of contributors giving you something to help you with your spiritual, entrepreneurial, entertaining, relationship, shoe, fashion and so many other STRUTs.  If you have not checked out her page, I suggest you do. Take a look here.

3. Christian Life Center: After leaving my former home church over a year ago, I found this gem by way of one of my co-workers who has become a great friend. I love my new church. It gave me the same initial feeling I had with my previous church. It is much smaller. It is a great teaching church with Pastor Karl Miller who "keeps it real". The added benefit is Man-Child loves it too!

4. Scandal: Now you all know I am a Tivo addict. This is by far the best show on television right now. People better take notice of Shonda Rhimes! As one of my friends stated, every woman need a friend like Huck and a man like Harrison. I know its wrong, but I love Olivia and the President's love. Sue me!

5. Cheeseburger in Paradise: This place has some of the best burgers. It was one of the places I ate during the 40 in 40. I can't wait for my momma to visit again. She needs to compare it to Red Robin. I love it. The last time I tried to go, it was closed for renovations. I believe we will visit real soon!

6. Serenity 23 Returns: She took her blog down for the 1st half of the year. The blog world, especially me, really missed her. I have never met my Soror in person, but we have bonded through cyberspace through her blog and later on twitter. She is partially responsible for having me on both. She blogs about her life, faith, children, and experiences. I appreciate her candidness about so many things in life.

7. New Relationships: Through mutual friends and cyber world, I have new relationships with positive people. They have given me so much: encouragement, something to think about, new perspectives, and motivation. I hope I have been able to do the same.

8. Miami Heat winning the NBA Finals: I have been a Heat fan since Kobe had Shaq kicked out of LA. I have been a LeBron fan since he was in high school (and he is from around my parts). So you KNOW I was so happy Wade got his 2nd ring and Bron Bron got his 1st ring. Notice I said 1st. He will get some more!

9. Man-Child: As much as I fuss, I love this kid to LIFE! Overall, I have a very good kid. Without even trying too hard, he has the ability to shine. As I sit back and see him grow from a kid to a young adult, I am proud of who he is becoming. He definitely beats to his own drum. He does not allow too many people sway him into things. He is not into parties and hanging out. He likes to fly under the radar. He does not like all that attention. He loves his sports and math. He is always trying to figure out a better way to run a play. Yes, he is definitely into his football and basketball. Plus, he puts it down in the classroom when he has to do it.

10. Real Relationships: I have some of the best group a girl can ask for. I don't have to talk to them everyday, but we can always pick up somewhere. They know I have little to no filter and they laugh and accept me for who I am. These relationships includes my family, friends (female and male), Sorors, and coworkers. They really push me to be a better me!

11. Facebook: I know so many people have moved on to Twitter and Instagram. I have accounts for both, but I loose hours on FB. Like in years past, I have reconnected and kept in touch with so many people I would have not have done if it was not for it. It has been a great source for creativity and challenges (30 Days of Pink Passion for breast cancer awareness, 30 days fitness challenge, 31 days of Red for Delta's 100 years of service, etc).  I have been updated on people's highs and lows and highlighted my students by way of media outlets.

12. Transitions and Prepping for Transitions: Many people fear change. Change brings the unknown. We fear or shy away from what we don't know. This year has been a year of prepping for transitions and transitions. I transitioned into my 40s. This is going to be my best decade yet! Man-Child is a senior and we are preparing for college in August. As he is preparing to leave, I am preparing to transition into not being a full time mom. I know a mother's job is never done, but I know my role will definitely change as he enters into college kid. I am preparing to transition into a new position and possibly new career. Change CAN BE good.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Celebrating Life During the Holidays and Beyond

As we continue the holiday season, it is a great time to reflect, meditate, and evaluate our lives, especially over this year. A little personal story, I turned 40 and wanted to celebrate turning 40 my way. I did not want a big party since I don't typically dance. However, I wanted to do something bid. With a little brainstorming, I decided to create a list to celebrate my birthday for 40 straight days. I created a list of activities that included things I liked doing, wanted to try, or old activities I stopped doing for whatever reason. It was the best summer ever!

To get your juices flowing about ways for you to celebrate life by doing things, ask yourself the following:

  • What did you do in your childhood or teenage years that you stop doing? Sports? Dance? Instrument? Hobbies?
  • What activities do you do now that you enjoy? Do you do them often?
  • What things have you wondered about but have not done? Do you have a bucket list? What's on it you need to cross off because you have done it?
These were the questions I asked myself to start my list. I had about 50 activities listed. I even looked up googled topics such as "bucket list", "things to do", etc. There are lists for everything you can imagine - free activities, activities for couples, activities for families, activities for women, activities for men, activities in (insert your city).

Here are some of the activities that made my list (I need to complete some of them):

  • Climbing Stone Mountain
  • Brunch with loved ones
  • Community Service Day (I donated blood and clothes)
  • Game Night
  • Belly Dancing class
  • Pole Dancing class
  • Painting (many cities offer 2-3 hours class)
  • Shooting Range
  • Amusement Park
  • Rock climbing 
  • Skydiving
  • Movies
  • Screen on the Green
  • Seeing a play
  • Jazz on the Green
It is never too late to start to celebrate life and create new memories. Today is a great day to start formulating a plan to make it happen. WRITE IT DOWN. MAKE IT PLAIN.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Celebrating Life Through Love Language Physical Touch

We are have made it to the last love language – physical touch. Physical touch is any action where a body part of one touches the body part of another. It is really that simple. However it can mean the most at a given time. For instance, hugs after a long day of bad news, kisses from your child or honey are a few examples. Think about the time you felt happy or loved simply being cuddled up with your special someone watching a television show or movie. Remember the young love walking hand in hand in the park or mall. 

Most of my life, I have been a member of large churches. One pastor had a part of the service where we “passed the peace”, which was a time for us to hug those around us. What stuck with me all this time was a comment he made. That may be the only hug someone receives all week. That made me sad. Something as simple as a hug, a real connection to another human being may not happen for over a week.

When most think of physical touch, they immediately think of sex. Even though that is part of it, physical touch is so much more! Physical touch includes the following:
·         Hugs
·         Kisses
·         Back rubs
·         Feet rubs
·         Massage
·         Holding hands
·         Cuddling
·         Playing footsies

Share a moment when a physical touch act really made your day. We would love to read them!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Celebrating Life through Acts of Service

We are winding down with celebrating life through the 5 love languages. So far we have celebrated life through words of affirmation, quality time, and receiving gifts. We have two more to left: acts of service and physical touch. Today we will find ways to celebrate life through acts of service.

Many of us perform acts of service many times a day and probably do not realize it. Acts of service are deeds we do for someone else. It is even meaningful when it is an act the other person needs but don’t want to do or an act you really don’t want to do, but your love for that person compels you to do it.

Many of my friends especially moms are queens of acts of service. Here are some ways to show love and celebrate life through acts of service:
  •         Cook a meal
  •     Pick up dinner for your spouse after a long day at work
  •     Baby sit for a couple to give them time together
  •     Give a single parent a “me” day 
  •     Guys: pump gas for a lady
  •     Carry groceries for an elderly person, pregnant lady, or mom struggling with groceries and kids
  •     Cut the grass for the neighbor
  •     Do the chores of someone in your home

Share some ways you have received or given acts of service. List some ways people can celebrate you with acts
of service. We would love to read them!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrating Life through the Love Language of Giving Gifts

The last 2 weeks we have shared how we celebrate life through 2 of the 5 love languages: words of affirmation and quality time. This week we will discuss the next language, receiving gifts. When one thinks of receiving gifts, gold digger or
 a kept man comes to mind. However, this is not necessarily the case. A person whose love language is receiving gifts appreciates the thought behind the gift more than the gift itself. Small and inexpensive gifts are just as meaningful as expensive gifts.

Here are some ideas to celebrate love through gifts:
• Send a card
• Make something
• Give them something they have mentioned in passing (a book, DVD, article of clothing, etc
• Give them something that reminded you of them.
• Bring home flowers or even a single rose
• Pick up dinner

If you are up to the challenge, give your love one a gift day or even week. For a day, give them something in the morning, afternoon, and evening. For example, leave a treat in the car seat in the morning, have lunch, flowers, or edible arrangements delivered to the workplace, and another thoughtful gift when he or she gets home. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Celebrating Life through Quality Time with Loved Ones

Over the past 2 weeks, we have discussed the concept of celebrating life through the five love languages. Last week, we talked about one of them, words of affirmation. In a nutshell, you are celebrating someone through words. It could be through speaking or writing.
Today’s love language is quality time. Quality time is spending time with someone (whether mate, children, friends, and family members). This time is undivided attention. Therefore, put away the laptop, tablet, cell phone, tv, and any other distractions in your life. Quality time is not too hard to do. Here are some suggestions:
  • When having a conversation, ignore your phone, turn off the television, and focus on that person
  •  For couples, dedicate a few hours/an evening just for the two of you
  • Have family night. Use the time to do those things your family like such as movie night, game night, bowling night, etc
  • Take a walk together and forget the rest of the world


Here are a few tips to remember:
  • Try new things
  • Compromise on the activities you choose. The important thing is spending time together
  • Listen to your loved ones. They give you clues into who they are and what they like.

The things you can do to share quality time is endless. All you need is an imagination. There are many sites to find ways. Google ways to share quality time.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

GEB Through the Eyes of Others

Disclaimer: I started this post over a year ago. I was determined to finish it.

As part of this getting to know me challenge, I thought it would be interesting to see me through the eyes of others. One of my dearest friends, Lee has written many posts about my family or me. The quickest way for me to get it to you, is to just add her links from the different posts.

Birthday Wishes and Cruise Recap

Baby Bandit Rec Basketball

New Year's 2010

A snippet from Lee's blog
Sunday. First of all, I checked my phone, and there were like, 5 missed calls. My phone was on vibrate and in the bottom of my laptop bag. No, I don't have my phone stuck to my ear at all times. I could care less about my phone.

The Green Eyed Bandit had been calling. That broad know she know how to blow a phone completely up! And she KNOWS that if the phone is not next to me within reach, I won't be answering it.

Call my house phone, gal!!! Dang!!

Her answer is always "I don't care. I'll just keep calling."

She has to be one of the most tenacious broads I know!

She didn't want anything. Just to check on me. And she's my FFF group leader, so I know she was trying to make sure I hadn't jumped ship and bought a shiny new Lexus or booked a trip to some beautiful beach. She encouraged me to pay off my debt.

And I know she had her fist balled up and ready to come through that phone and punch me in my face if I said otherwise.


No Ma. I haven't gone out and bought that Lexus I want so BADLY. (Not yet, anyway. These bills better come on in. That's all I gotta say about that!)

Then there was a Facebook game about a year ago.  The game was you inbox a number to a friend then they posted your number and with their impression of you. I decided to send my number to one of my friends who was playing. His response was "the 1st thing I noticed about you when we met in college was your inner strength. You have no neutral gear. If you are for someone or something, you are all in for them or it. You are honest to a fault and I love you for it."
I remember thinking he knew me pretty well and we did not have the same inner circle. I chuckled because I am truly an open book.

Last week, I decided I was going to finish some of the posts I started. So I posted a message on FB for my friends to give either their 1st impression or their current impression of me. Therefore, the next few statements are from my FB friends. Most of them are college Another friend stated, you are a good friend to have and easy to talk to. You are very sexy and don't look your age. One must be careful or they might start to develop strong feelings for you. 

A college friend said,  My first impresson of you is back in the day at MBC. I thought you were "mean"! LOL! You had that no nonsense look!!! LOL But you a hella cool chic! You know that came from one of my Cali Brownites! 

One of my sorors who pledged me stated, "Inspiring". I was not expecting that comment at all.  

One of my football moms (our boys have been on the same football and basketball teams) commented, "First impression people person but my current impression is the same but add intelligent with a loving spirit. "

One of my dear line sisters said, 1st Impression - Nice. Cute. In the "in" crowd. Current Impression: Resourceful. Dependable. The "go to" girl. I THANK GOE THAT OUR PATHS CROSSED! PROUD TO CALL YOU SOROR. BLESSED TO CALL YOU LS. GRATEFUL THAT WHENEVER I NEED YOU, I CAN JUST CALL YOU! *tear

Now, I am not the type of person who let other's perception define me. However, I know their perception is their reality of me. I never had anyone give me their opinion of me that I did not agree with at least part of it because I have stated many times. I am a many things to many people. I am who you need me to be while still being me!

Celebrating Life through Love Languages

Last week we talked about The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Today we will look at celebrating life through words of affirmation.

Words of Affirmation is showing love and celebrating through w
ords. Now what does that really mean? It means that kind words are important, stating “I love you” is important, giving compliments are important. On the flip side, criticism and degrading words are very painful.

How do we celebrate life and love through words of affirmation? Here are some suggestions:
• Give genuine compliments. I remember having a challenge to give 5 compliments per day for a month. (That shirt looks good on you. I love how you can relate to the kids, etc.)

• Send a sincere text to a love one (Just sending you a quick text to say I was thinking about you/love you)

• Write an old fashion letter and send it through snail mail telling someone what they have mean to you through a time period in your life

• Send a card just because

• Tell someone what you admire in them and why ( I admire y
your work ethic. Even when things seem impossible, you press through)

• Praise your significant other (to him/her and to others) ( I love how you spend your free time making sure the family is good)

• When speaking to someone, use a kinder and gentler tone. (Will you be able to assist me versus when are you going to help me? I have been asking all day!)

How are some ways you can or do celebrate life and love through words of affirmation?

For those of you who did not complete the love language quiz, the link is below

Can’t wait to get new ways to speak love and celebrate life!

Tiffany Dillard

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celebrating Life through Love Languages

Over the next few weeks, we will celebrate life through love languages. Now, some of you may have heard of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  In a nutshell, Dr. Chapman states we all have a natural love language. He explains it using our natural language. Most of you reading this post have English as your native language. Some might have a secondary language as Spanish, French, German, or some other language. If you are born in Germany, your native language is probably German.

In the same sense, we have a primary love language. There are five primary love languages. They are as follows:
·         Words of Affirmation – compliments and kind words make your day.
·         Quality Time – spending undivided time/attention is the best
·         Receiving Gifts – small, big, and especially thoughtful gifts are the most meaningful
·         Acts of Service – doing something  as simple as taking out the trash, filling up the tank, or any other task
·         Physical Touch – it’s more than just sex. It’s a hug or holding hands. Touching the small of the back. Being wrapped in each other arms watching a movie.

Some of us are “fluent” in more than one language. Do you know yours? Here is a link to take a quiz to help discover yours.

Come back and share your love language. In the coming weeks, we will discuss how we can celebrate and make you feel love in your language.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Celebration

     It’s Labor Day Weekend! Do you know the reason or meaning of this holiday? Labor Day was created as a holiday to celebrate and honor the hard workers in the United States. It was first celebrated in 1882 in New York City. Nationally, the celebration started in 1894 after President Cleveland signed it into law (US Department of Labor). 

     The first form of celebrations was having parades followed by recreation fun for workers and their families. Over the decades, recognition has included speeches from major playmakers in the different unions.

     Today, many mark Labor Day as the unofficial end to the summer and the last day to wear white. Some families are having their family reunions. Others will find a good old cookout.

How are you celebrating it? 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Celebrating the Little Things

     Many people only want to celebrate the big things – weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc. Birthdays and anniversaries only come once a year. Weddings and graduations even less. So how do you celebrate the “ordinary day”? Better yet, do you celebrate the ordinary day? For those who do not know where to start, here are a few ways to get the juices flowing.

     Start a gratitude journal. Write down things you are grateful for. It instantly is a mood booster. Take it a step further. Celebrate it! For example, I am grateful for my friendships. Then celebrate it with meeting for lunch, pedicure time, etc.

     Another way to celebrate the little things is setting a goal and then finding a creative way to celebrate. If you have a goal to lose weight, break it into smaller goals. For instance, you want to lose 30 pounds. When you lose 10 pounds, celebrate by buying a new outfit, go out dancing, do something to celebrate reaching a milestone.

     So find something to celebrate. I challenge you to write down 5 things to celebrate. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Everyday is a Holiday

Do you need a special occasion or holiday to celebrate? Well you are in luck! There is a holiday for every day of the year! Now, there is no excuse to not celebrate more often. You do not have to wait months for the next holiday. Here’s a look of the holidays you have missed this past week. 

6 Wiggle Your Toes Day
7 National Lighthouse Day
8 Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day 
9 Book Lover's Day
10 Lazy Day
10 National S'mores Day
11 Presidential Joke Day
11 Son and Daughter Day

Did you miss Lazy Day yesterday? Well, if you are a parent, you can celebrate Son and Daughter Day today.

Here are this week’s holidays:
12 Middle Child's Day
13 Left Hander's Day
14 National Creamsicle Day
14/15 V-J Day - which date do you mark the end of WWII?
15 Relaxation Day
16 National Tell a Joke Day
17 National Thriftshop Day
18 Bad Poetry Day

And here are other celebrations for August:

• Admit You're Happy Month
• Family Fun Month
• National Catfish Month
• National Eye Exam Month
• National Golf Month
• Peach Month
• Romance Awareness Month
• Water Quality Month
• National Picnic Month

Weekly Events:
• Week 1 National Simplify your Life Week
• Week 2 National Smile Week
• Week 3 Friendship Week
• Week 4 Be Kind to Humankind Week

Hopefully, you are able to find something on this list to celebrate. Please share how and what you are celebrating.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Using Birthdays to Help Celebrate Life

Earlier this summer, I turned the BIG four O. In honor of my birthday, I decided to celebrate my life over 40 days. Each day I did something that always wanted to do similar to a bucket list or do things that I have stopped doing for whatever reason. Some of the things I had on the list were:
• Massage
• Mani/Pedi
• Spa Day
• Ziplining
• Skydiving
• Picnic
• Bike riding
• Rock Climbing
• Painting
• Game Night
• Dancing – Pole dancing, bellydancing
• Museums
• Book Club meeting
• Photo shoot
• Meals with friends

Many people loved my idea and created their own versions of it. One of my friends put a twist with it. She is in the midst of celebrating her 40th. Instead of doing or going somewhere, she is having 40 days of “life improvements” activities or actions. Here are her first few days:

Day #1 Pray for friendships to be healed and restored. Why? Simple "We all we got"
Day #2 Do something nice for a co-worker that you don't normally have a relationship with. Why? Simple "Random Kindness"
Day # 3 Tonight, I simply ask that you get adequate rest. In other words go to sleep tonight. Turn off the television, get off face book, turn off twitter, get off the phone and etc. Why? Simple " Your body will Thank you"
Day # 4 Today, I simply ask that we celebrate "LOVE".
Day # 5 Today, I simply ask that we refrain from engaging in "gossip".

I so love what she is doing that I am celebrating right along with her!

What is important to me is just making sure I am living life and not just existing! What are you doing to enjoy your life?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrating Sportsmanship and Country Pride through the Olympics

                It’s time again! It’s time to celebrate the Olympics and all the great feelings that come with it. The Opening Ceremonies are the official start to the Olympic Games. This year’s Opening Ceremonies were held last night in London, England. Watching the delegates/athletes walk out with their flags brought me a sense of pride.  
                While watching the Opening Ceremonies, several people were committing on Facebook and Twitter about their excitement and anticipation of their home country performing well in particular events. Many people talked about rooting for a particular underdog team.  One particular friend even encouraged other parents to expose their children to less popular sports in the United States. For instance, she plans to expose her children to badminton, lacrosse, and table tennis.

                There are 204 countries being represented. Some countries have as little as two people competing with their country’s hopes of gold riding on them. The United States have over 500 athletes representing us. I am looking forward to cheering our teams on gold and celebrating their victories.

                How do you celebrate the Olympics?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 27 – My Favorite Place

I have been thinking hard about my favorite place. I was thinking of the exotic places I have visited or even local places I have visited. But if I am brutally honest, my favorite place in on my couch! It is sooooo comfortable. I fall asleep on it many of nights and never get up to go to my bed. I have had deep conversations with friends and love ones. It is definitely my companion when its time to watch tv or curl up with a good book!

I guess I need to get a life if I want to say some other place other than my couch is my favorite place.

ABC Challenge

I found this get to know you post on Bayoucreole's blog.  I love when I come across one I can finish quickly!  

A: Age: 40
B. Bed size:Queen
C. Chore you dislike:  Cleaning bathrooms
D. Dogs:  I am allergic but my son has a god dog name Juicy. We do keep him from time to time in emergencies. 
E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast and a bottle of water. 
F. Favorite colors: Red, Purple, Orange. Vibrant colors. Bright girl needs bright colors. 
G. Gold or silver: Silver.
H. Height: 5"1'. I have never had a problem with my height but sometimes others think I should. I love my height unless I am looking for slacks. 
I. Instruments you play(ed): Trombone in high school.
J. Job title: Teacher
K. Kids: Cedric (I do not think I have ever mentioned him by name on here. Hmmm.....)
L. Live: Atlanta
M. Mom’s name:  Denise
N. Nicknames: Don't have one
O. Overnight hospital stays: Maternity stay.
P. Pet peeves:Liars, especially if I directly asked you a question.
Q. Quote from a movie: "You is kind. You is smart. You is important" The Help
R. Righty or lefty: Both
S. Siblings: Tenia, Tierra, Terrance, and Tiauna
T. Time you wake up: 6:30
U. Underwear: I own them! HA! 
V. Vegetables you don’t like:Tomatoes 
W. What makes you run late: Waiting on other people.
X. X-rays you’ve had: Ankle. I twisted my ankle stepping off of an elevator. Wrist - unexplained pain 
Y. Yummy food you make: Cheesecake
Z. Zoo animal you like: Monkeys. They are fun to watch 

Man, you all know more about me than my "friends" on Facebook or my followers on Twitter. 
Have a great weekend!!

National Junk Day

Do you know what today is? Hmmm…I am waiting. You give up? Today is July 21st and it is the National Junk Food Day. Who knew? I came across it today as I was surfing the net.  Now, my research did not tell me the origin or when it was first celebrated. However, I am not going to argue anyone that it is NOT a real holiday.

For those of you who may feel a little guilty about all the holidays we have, why don’t you just combine the other days with it. July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day and July in National Ice Cream Month. So treat yourself and your love ones. Pull out the grill and set up an ice cream/sundae station. Get it all in at one time!
Here’s another perk! This year is lands on a Saturday!!! Woo-hoo!!! Now go out and enjoy yourself. Eat all the junk you want. If anyone questions you, tell them it’s NATIONAL JUNK FOOD DAY! All healthy eating is suspended just for today!
You can make any day a celebration! I have and I have found others who have done the same. As we go through the year, I will share some of the other obscure holidays!  


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 26 – My Fears

FEAR. We all heard it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. I know fear and faith can't live in the same space. However, if we are real with one another, we all have fears. It is up to us if we overcome those fears.

I blogged about my fears last year in another challenge. I just reread what I post. My fears have not changed nor do I have any new fears. So its probably easier to post it here. I know a sign of laziness but it get me 1 post closer to finishing this challenge!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Celebrating Women of Excellence All Weekend Long!

Disclaimer: I am posting for STRUT the Magazine every Saturday. With the thought of killing two birds with one stone, I will post it here too. My weekly postings is on celebrating. 

When one think of celebrations, what comes to mind? Birthdays.  Parties. Holidays. Graduations. Weddings.  According to, celebrations are festivities engaged to celebrate something ( It is great to celebrate on a grand scale. Just last weekend, we STRUTTED in grand fashion for the first Annual STRUT Experience in Atlanta. Every detail for the weekend had been addressed by STRUT Founder Dr. Darcova Triplett. Here’s a recap!
Mini me and me
Friday – The weekend started with a photo shoot for the ladies in our STRUT t-shirts. It was a wonderful experience to see old friends and finally put a face with so many names we have seen in our Facebook discussions. We had a great time with our individual and group shots. All the ladies look fabulous!


Keisha - The Extremist

Mama King surrounded by her talented Daughters 


Posing with my LS Pasta


We left the photo shoot to release our hidden artistic abilities. Canvas by U created an original piece just for us! Of course it was a stiletto. Every woman tweaked it to her own personality and style. Here are some of the masterpieces.

On Saturday, the focus shifted to our health STRUT and celebrating everyday women being extraordinary by STRUTTING in their purpose. First thing in the morning Keisha led the women in a STRUTercise (Zumba with the STRUT twist). We know we can’t be all we are destined to be if our health is not in order. Later, the ladies inspired our younger ladies by supporting the teen poets at a book signing at Tiffany’s Popcorn.

The major event was Saturday evening. We celebrated women STRUTTING confidently in their purpose. Ladies from all walks of life was honored for their accomplishments in education, counseling, wellness, fashion, entrepreneurship, and overcoming life changing challenges. Shondia McFadden-Sabari brought tears to many eyes as she told her story of being a breast cancer survivor. I can’t put into words how I felt listening to her. It was very moving. She, like many of the women, was a breath of fresh air. She loves life! It is evident in her walk…STRUT, her family, her faith!  
The next recipient, Mama King, followed. Before she sat down, there definitely was not a dry eye in the house. I knew this woman was special when I first met her years ago! She is a giver, a nurturer, a teacher, a mother, a lover, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a confidante, a wise woman of God.
All the ladies who were honored deposited a nugget in all of us. They directly or indirectly lit a fire, planted a seed, watered a planted seed, or provided a confirmation.

Gamma Zeta

Markisha presenting 

Darcova and Keisha showing those pearly whites

Her STRUT brought many to tears. So inspirational



Mika J - looking fly as always

Mama King - She had the entire room in tears

BBW - Big Beautiful Women

Sunday the ladies started the day worshipping the Lord for all He has done seen and unseen. We finished the weekend with Tea Time. The ladies converged on the Hailey Estate for tea, light refreshments and conversation. Kim Brannan was the guest speaker. She shared her walk with overcoming cancer twice. Both times the doctors gave her a limited time to live. But our God had a different plan! Kim infuses humor as she shared her journey which included having a positive attitude/outlook no matter what. Her faith, support system, and positive attitude pulled her through. Afterwards, others shared their own stories. There was plenty of advice, networking and true respect for each other. I can’t wait until next year’s events.
In closing, I am enclosing what Darcova’s niece said to her after the weekend. It sums up what it means to celebrate each other and what impact it has on those around us.

Out of the mouths’ of babes: “My niece said Auntie 'Trice, I like your friends! They are so smart and educated and funny and pretty. And they own businesses and have professional careers. And Auntie I didn't see nobody acting jealous or no lil cliques either. Everybody just seemed happy... happy with themselves and happy for each other. #This is why our STRUT is so important. Our young girls are watching our every move... every step we take and every step we don't take. They hear every word we speak... and every word we refuse to let slip from our lips. Her Sashay develops into My STRUT. #So Detrimental... So Much @ Stake. #You gotta STRUT because (whatever you do) you're being imitated.
One last thing, what are you celebrating? Who are you celebrating? Why are you celebrating?
Enjoy your Saturday! I am celebrating different people for different reasons. HAVE A SUPER SATURDAY!!!

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