Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Favorites in 2012

Over the next few weeks, we will see many posts, articles, etc about the best of, the worst of, top... of 2012. In that vein and stealing the idea from Singlema. I created my own list for 2012. Here are 12 experiences, things, etc from 2012 (in no specific order).

1. Celebrating 40 Years in 40 Days: I can post 12 moments just from these 40 days. I did not really know what I was doing when I came up with that idea, but I had a great time celebrating my 40th birthday for 40 days straight. I had a blast celebrating with people from different parts of my life doing so many activities. We did not do too many things that were grand but I did have a grand time taking dance classes, climbing Stone Mountain, eating, and celebrating life.

2. The STRUT Experience: STRUT the Magazine, STRUT T-Shirts, the STRUT Weekend, and now the STRUT Movement is the brain child of my creative and awesome line sister Darcova. I was honored to write for her the second half of the year. Her Facebook page is always filled with tips you can use in your life. Not only is she giving great information, she has a circle of contributors giving you something to help you with your spiritual, entrepreneurial, entertaining, relationship, shoe, fashion and so many other STRUTs.  If you have not checked out her page, I suggest you do. Take a look here.

3. Christian Life Center: After leaving my former home church over a year ago, I found this gem by way of one of my co-workers who has become a great friend. I love my new church. It gave me the same initial feeling I had with my previous church. It is much smaller. It is a great teaching church with Pastor Karl Miller who "keeps it real". The added benefit is Man-Child loves it too!

4. Scandal: Now you all know I am a Tivo addict. This is by far the best show on television right now. People better take notice of Shonda Rhimes! As one of my friends stated, every woman need a friend like Huck and a man like Harrison. I know its wrong, but I love Olivia and the President's love. Sue me!

5. Cheeseburger in Paradise: This place has some of the best burgers. It was one of the places I ate during the 40 in 40. I can't wait for my momma to visit again. She needs to compare it to Red Robin. I love it. The last time I tried to go, it was closed for renovations. I believe we will visit real soon!

6. Serenity 23 Returns: She took her blog down for the 1st half of the year. The blog world, especially me, really missed her. I have never met my Soror in person, but we have bonded through cyberspace through her blog and later on twitter. She is partially responsible for having me on both. She blogs about her life, faith, children, and experiences. I appreciate her candidness about so many things in life.

7. New Relationships: Through mutual friends and cyber world, I have new relationships with positive people. They have given me so much: encouragement, something to think about, new perspectives, and motivation. I hope I have been able to do the same.

8. Miami Heat winning the NBA Finals: I have been a Heat fan since Kobe had Shaq kicked out of LA. I have been a LeBron fan since he was in high school (and he is from around my parts). So you KNOW I was so happy Wade got his 2nd ring and Bron Bron got his 1st ring. Notice I said 1st. He will get some more!

9. Man-Child: As much as I fuss, I love this kid to LIFE! Overall, I have a very good kid. Without even trying too hard, he has the ability to shine. As I sit back and see him grow from a kid to a young adult, I am proud of who he is becoming. He definitely beats to his own drum. He does not allow too many people sway him into things. He is not into parties and hanging out. He likes to fly under the radar. He does not like all that attention. He loves his sports and math. He is always trying to figure out a better way to run a play. Yes, he is definitely into his football and basketball. Plus, he puts it down in the classroom when he has to do it.

10. Real Relationships: I have some of the best group a girl can ask for. I don't have to talk to them everyday, but we can always pick up somewhere. They know I have little to no filter and they laugh and accept me for who I am. These relationships includes my family, friends (female and male), Sorors, and coworkers. They really push me to be a better me!

11. Facebook: I know so many people have moved on to Twitter and Instagram. I have accounts for both, but I loose hours on FB. Like in years past, I have reconnected and kept in touch with so many people I would have not have done if it was not for it. It has been a great source for creativity and challenges (30 Days of Pink Passion for breast cancer awareness, 30 days fitness challenge, 31 days of Red for Delta's 100 years of service, etc).  I have been updated on people's highs and lows and highlighted my students by way of media outlets.

12. Transitions and Prepping for Transitions: Many people fear change. Change brings the unknown. We fear or shy away from what we don't know. This year has been a year of prepping for transitions and transitions. I transitioned into my 40s. This is going to be my best decade yet! Man-Child is a senior and we are preparing for college in August. As he is preparing to leave, I am preparing to transition into not being a full time mom. I know a mother's job is never done, but I know my role will definitely change as he enters into college kid. I am preparing to transition into a new position and possibly new career. Change CAN BE good.

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