Sunday, November 25, 2012

Celebrating Life During the Holidays and Beyond

As we continue the holiday season, it is a great time to reflect, meditate, and evaluate our lives, especially over this year. A little personal story, I turned 40 and wanted to celebrate turning 40 my way. I did not want a big party since I don't typically dance. However, I wanted to do something bid. With a little brainstorming, I decided to create a list to celebrate my birthday for 40 straight days. I created a list of activities that included things I liked doing, wanted to try, or old activities I stopped doing for whatever reason. It was the best summer ever!

To get your juices flowing about ways for you to celebrate life by doing things, ask yourself the following:

  • What did you do in your childhood or teenage years that you stop doing? Sports? Dance? Instrument? Hobbies?
  • What activities do you do now that you enjoy? Do you do them often?
  • What things have you wondered about but have not done? Do you have a bucket list? What's on it you need to cross off because you have done it?
These were the questions I asked myself to start my list. I had about 50 activities listed. I even looked up googled topics such as "bucket list", "things to do", etc. There are lists for everything you can imagine - free activities, activities for couples, activities for families, activities for women, activities for men, activities in (insert your city).

Here are some of the activities that made my list (I need to complete some of them):

  • Climbing Stone Mountain
  • Brunch with loved ones
  • Community Service Day (I donated blood and clothes)
  • Game Night
  • Belly Dancing class
  • Pole Dancing class
  • Painting (many cities offer 2-3 hours class)
  • Shooting Range
  • Amusement Park
  • Rock climbing 
  • Skydiving
  • Movies
  • Screen on the Green
  • Seeing a play
  • Jazz on the Green
It is never too late to start to celebrate life and create new memories. Today is a great day to start formulating a plan to make it happen. WRITE IT DOWN. MAKE IT PLAIN.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Celebrating Life Through Love Language Physical Touch

We are have made it to the last love language – physical touch. Physical touch is any action where a body part of one touches the body part of another. It is really that simple. However it can mean the most at a given time. For instance, hugs after a long day of bad news, kisses from your child or honey are a few examples. Think about the time you felt happy or loved simply being cuddled up with your special someone watching a television show or movie. Remember the young love walking hand in hand in the park or mall. 

Most of my life, I have been a member of large churches. One pastor had a part of the service where we “passed the peace”, which was a time for us to hug those around us. What stuck with me all this time was a comment he made. That may be the only hug someone receives all week. That made me sad. Something as simple as a hug, a real connection to another human being may not happen for over a week.

When most think of physical touch, they immediately think of sex. Even though that is part of it, physical touch is so much more! Physical touch includes the following:
·         Hugs
·         Kisses
·         Back rubs
·         Feet rubs
·         Massage
·         Holding hands
·         Cuddling
·         Playing footsies

Share a moment when a physical touch act really made your day. We would love to read them!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Celebrating Life through Acts of Service

We are winding down with celebrating life through the 5 love languages. So far we have celebrated life through words of affirmation, quality time, and receiving gifts. We have two more to left: acts of service and physical touch. Today we will find ways to celebrate life through acts of service.

Many of us perform acts of service many times a day and probably do not realize it. Acts of service are deeds we do for someone else. It is even meaningful when it is an act the other person needs but don’t want to do or an act you really don’t want to do, but your love for that person compels you to do it.

Many of my friends especially moms are queens of acts of service. Here are some ways to show love and celebrate life through acts of service:
  •         Cook a meal
  •     Pick up dinner for your spouse after a long day at work
  •     Baby sit for a couple to give them time together
  •     Give a single parent a “me” day 
  •     Guys: pump gas for a lady
  •     Carry groceries for an elderly person, pregnant lady, or mom struggling with groceries and kids
  •     Cut the grass for the neighbor
  •     Do the chores of someone in your home

Share some ways you have received or given acts of service. List some ways people can celebrate you with acts
of service. We would love to read them!

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