Monday, September 12, 2011

Time Flies

I just realized I only posted twice in August and none in September. I guess I have not adjusted to the new schedule as much as I like. So this is another checking in blog. I think I will do that for awhile. Nothing earth shattering or even on one topic but a bunch of a little of this and a little of that.

Football season is upon us. Baby Bandit (Man-Child) had a breakout game last week. Two interceptions, one reception touchdown, and played almost every down on offense, defense, and special team.  His confidence level has shot straight up. They are 1 - 0 and I am excited about going to the games this year. He has a little fan club now planning to show up to his games.

The start of NFL football has started. My Steelers looked horrible against the Ravens. I hope this is not a long season for us. 

School As mentioned another post, school started on August 1st. This year's students are not the same as last. I am not sure if that is good or bad. The verdict is still out. I started my last leg of my MEd on September 1st. I am doing my student-teaching in my own classroom with observations. I am done on December 22nd. Thank you Jesus!!!!

College visits Baby Bandit is not realizing time is ticking! We meaning he need to start visiting colleges and narrow down some school choices. He has the smarts to go anywhere. However, discipline and drive plays a big part too. We had a real heart to heart about what does he want and need in a school. I made him think about his high school career. What classes did he enjoy the most and why. I had him think about the differences between similar classes such as English 1, English 2, and English 3. What did he like about one class over the other. He discovered he likes smaller classes. We already know he loves his math classes. Also, he likes having discussions in class. This exercise led him to realize he need a smaller college.

He knows he wants to play sports in college. I am all for dreaming big, but I also believe in a big dose of reality. He is not the next Hines Ward, so UGA, Miami U or any other big Division 1 school is an option if he wants to play and not ride the bench. There are several factors working against him. First, he graduates at the age of 16. That is putting him 2 to 3 years younger than the typical football player entering college. Second, he is a good player, but he is not a great player. Plus, as stated earlier, he wants and needs small classes. This sounds like a HBCU is in our future. We are visiting Tuskegee later this month.

Homecoming Its that time of the year. Homecoming is just a month away. One of my roommates is coming for the 1st time ever. I am so looking forward with hanging out with her and her hubby. It is the same weekend as homecoming at the high school too. The boys already know outside of their game, don't look for me to be momma that weekend.

Delta -  I will become active this year. I am shame to say I have been inactive for years. I talked about becoming active for years. I feel guilty when I hear about or read about the work my sorors are doing. I made a life long commitment. I need to honor it!

Friends I have not spent quality time with them, but I have thought about them often. I hope they know I do miss spending quality time with them. I plan to do better.

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