Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Friday Thoughts

I stole this idea from LadyLee. I have been wanting to blog but really didn't know what to post and did not want to take a lot of time to do it. So here we go with 5 random thoughts on this Friday.

1. I am really getting the entrepreneur bug. I have a couple of businesses in my mind. I started working on the major one, Each One Reach One College Tour. I have partnered with another teacher. We will have our first tour in October. I am so excited!!!!! We have to exposed our children to more than just their high school and neighborhood. There is a whole world out there and they need to start seeing it!!!

2. I am so looking forward to Summer Break!! I know many people think teachers have it made with our schedules. Let me enlighten you. Even though students have 8-10 weeks off during the summer, many teachers don't. Looking at my calendar, I have 3 weeks off this summer. 3 WEEKS. Many teachers work summer school/summer camps, have workshops to attend or even classes to sharpen their skills.

3. My students are in the midst of their end of the year testing. This is the first year I have been nervous about their/my results. It seems like the desire to learn and grow are not there. It breaks my heart because I know how hard it is going to be for them if they don't change. I wish they could see it.

4. A little over a month ago, I changed my Facebook cover to big changes ahead.

Well, I noticed I have not worked on those changes. Its a new month. I need to get to working on them. I will start today! If I wait until tomorrow, Monday, next week, next month, next year, etc, it will never get done. There are so many areas I plan to change. I just need to prioritize and make it happen one by one. Some areas will impact the others. 

5. Man-Child will be home from college in less than two weeks. Every time he came home for a weekend or break, I was able to see so much growth in him. I can't wait to see/hear his take on his first year in college. Freedom, schedules, campus life, college courses, earning and managing money. There is so much to talk about! Here is a picture from a weekend visit in October. 

That was fun! It didn't take me too long to do it. Maybe I will blog again soon! LOL!!!

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