Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrating Sportsmanship and Country Pride through the Olympics

                It’s time again! It’s time to celebrate the Olympics and all the great feelings that come with it. The Opening Ceremonies are the official start to the Olympic Games. This year’s Opening Ceremonies were held last night in London, England. Watching the delegates/athletes walk out with their flags brought me a sense of pride.  
                While watching the Opening Ceremonies, several people were committing on Facebook and Twitter about their excitement and anticipation of their home country performing well in particular events. Many people talked about rooting for a particular underdog team.  One particular friend even encouraged other parents to expose their children to less popular sports in the United States. For instance, she plans to expose her children to badminton, lacrosse, and table tennis.

                There are 204 countries being represented. Some countries have as little as two people competing with their country’s hopes of gold riding on them. The United States have over 500 athletes representing us. I am looking forward to cheering our teams on gold and celebrating their victories.

                How do you celebrate the Olympics?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 27 – My Favorite Place

I have been thinking hard about my favorite place. I was thinking of the exotic places I have visited or even local places I have visited. But if I am brutally honest, my favorite place in on my couch! It is sooooo comfortable. I fall asleep on it many of nights and never get up to go to my bed. I have had deep conversations with friends and love ones. It is definitely my companion when its time to watch tv or curl up with a good book!

I guess I need to get a life if I want to say some other place other than my couch is my favorite place.

ABC Challenge

I found this get to know you post on Bayoucreole's blog.  I love when I come across one I can finish quickly!  

A: Age: 40
B. Bed size:Queen
C. Chore you dislike:  Cleaning bathrooms
D. Dogs:  I am allergic but my son has a god dog name Juicy. We do keep him from time to time in emergencies. 
E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast and a bottle of water. 
F. Favorite colors: Red, Purple, Orange. Vibrant colors. Bright girl needs bright colors. 
G. Gold or silver: Silver.
H. Height: 5"1'. I have never had a problem with my height but sometimes others think I should. I love my height unless I am looking for slacks. 
I. Instruments you play(ed): Trombone in high school.
J. Job title: Teacher
K. Kids: Cedric (I do not think I have ever mentioned him by name on here. Hmmm.....)
L. Live: Atlanta
M. Mom’s name:  Denise
N. Nicknames: Don't have one
O. Overnight hospital stays: Maternity stay.
P. Pet peeves:Liars, especially if I directly asked you a question.
Q. Quote from a movie: "You is kind. You is smart. You is important" The Help
R. Righty or lefty: Both
S. Siblings: Tenia, Tierra, Terrance, and Tiauna
T. Time you wake up: 6:30
U. Underwear: I own them! HA! 
V. Vegetables you don’t like:Tomatoes 
W. What makes you run late: Waiting on other people.
X. X-rays you’ve had: Ankle. I twisted my ankle stepping off of an elevator. Wrist - unexplained pain 
Y. Yummy food you make: Cheesecake
Z. Zoo animal you like: Monkeys. They are fun to watch 

Man, you all know more about me than my "friends" on Facebook or my followers on Twitter. 
Have a great weekend!!

National Junk Day

Do you know what today is? Hmmm…I am waiting. You give up? Today is July 21st and it is the National Junk Food Day. Who knew? I came across it today as I was surfing the net.  Now, my research did not tell me the origin or when it was first celebrated. However, I am not going to argue anyone that it is NOT a real holiday.

For those of you who may feel a little guilty about all the holidays we have, why don’t you just combine the other days with it. July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day and July in National Ice Cream Month. So treat yourself and your love ones. Pull out the grill and set up an ice cream/sundae station. Get it all in at one time!
Here’s another perk! This year is lands on a Saturday!!! Woo-hoo!!! Now go out and enjoy yourself. Eat all the junk you want. If anyone questions you, tell them it’s NATIONAL JUNK FOOD DAY! All healthy eating is suspended just for today!
You can make any day a celebration! I have and I have found others who have done the same. As we go through the year, I will share some of the other obscure holidays!  


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 26 – My Fears

FEAR. We all heard it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. I know fear and faith can't live in the same space. However, if we are real with one another, we all have fears. It is up to us if we overcome those fears.

I blogged about my fears last year in another challenge. I just reread what I post. My fears have not changed nor do I have any new fears. So its probably easier to post it here. I know a sign of laziness but it get me 1 post closer to finishing this challenge!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Celebrating Women of Excellence All Weekend Long!

Disclaimer: I am posting for STRUT the Magazine every Saturday. With the thought of killing two birds with one stone, I will post it here too. My weekly postings is on celebrating. 

When one think of celebrations, what comes to mind? Birthdays.  Parties. Holidays. Graduations. Weddings.  According to, celebrations are festivities engaged to celebrate something ( It is great to celebrate on a grand scale. Just last weekend, we STRUTTED in grand fashion for the first Annual STRUT Experience in Atlanta. Every detail for the weekend had been addressed by STRUT Founder Dr. Darcova Triplett. Here’s a recap!
Mini me and me
Friday – The weekend started with a photo shoot for the ladies in our STRUT t-shirts. It was a wonderful experience to see old friends and finally put a face with so many names we have seen in our Facebook discussions. We had a great time with our individual and group shots. All the ladies look fabulous!


Keisha - The Extremist

Mama King surrounded by her talented Daughters 


Posing with my LS Pasta


We left the photo shoot to release our hidden artistic abilities. Canvas by U created an original piece just for us! Of course it was a stiletto. Every woman tweaked it to her own personality and style. Here are some of the masterpieces.

On Saturday, the focus shifted to our health STRUT and celebrating everyday women being extraordinary by STRUTTING in their purpose. First thing in the morning Keisha led the women in a STRUTercise (Zumba with the STRUT twist). We know we can’t be all we are destined to be if our health is not in order. Later, the ladies inspired our younger ladies by supporting the teen poets at a book signing at Tiffany’s Popcorn.

The major event was Saturday evening. We celebrated women STRUTTING confidently in their purpose. Ladies from all walks of life was honored for their accomplishments in education, counseling, wellness, fashion, entrepreneurship, and overcoming life changing challenges. Shondia McFadden-Sabari brought tears to many eyes as she told her story of being a breast cancer survivor. I can’t put into words how I felt listening to her. It was very moving. She, like many of the women, was a breath of fresh air. She loves life! It is evident in her walk…STRUT, her family, her faith!  
The next recipient, Mama King, followed. Before she sat down, there definitely was not a dry eye in the house. I knew this woman was special when I first met her years ago! She is a giver, a nurturer, a teacher, a mother, a lover, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a confidante, a wise woman of God.
All the ladies who were honored deposited a nugget in all of us. They directly or indirectly lit a fire, planted a seed, watered a planted seed, or provided a confirmation.

Gamma Zeta

Markisha presenting 

Darcova and Keisha showing those pearly whites

Her STRUT brought many to tears. So inspirational



Mika J - looking fly as always

Mama King - She had the entire room in tears

BBW - Big Beautiful Women

Sunday the ladies started the day worshipping the Lord for all He has done seen and unseen. We finished the weekend with Tea Time. The ladies converged on the Hailey Estate for tea, light refreshments and conversation. Kim Brannan was the guest speaker. She shared her walk with overcoming cancer twice. Both times the doctors gave her a limited time to live. But our God had a different plan! Kim infuses humor as she shared her journey which included having a positive attitude/outlook no matter what. Her faith, support system, and positive attitude pulled her through. Afterwards, others shared their own stories. There was plenty of advice, networking and true respect for each other. I can’t wait until next year’s events.
In closing, I am enclosing what Darcova’s niece said to her after the weekend. It sums up what it means to celebrate each other and what impact it has on those around us.

Out of the mouths’ of babes: “My niece said Auntie 'Trice, I like your friends! They are so smart and educated and funny and pretty. And they own businesses and have professional careers. And Auntie I didn't see nobody acting jealous or no lil cliques either. Everybody just seemed happy... happy with themselves and happy for each other. #This is why our STRUT is so important. Our young girls are watching our every move... every step we take and every step we don't take. They hear every word we speak... and every word we refuse to let slip from our lips. Her Sashay develops into My STRUT. #So Detrimental... So Much @ Stake. #You gotta STRUT because (whatever you do) you're being imitated.
One last thing, what are you celebrating? Who are you celebrating? Why are you celebrating?
Enjoy your Saturday! I am celebrating different people for different reasons. HAVE A SUPER SATURDAY!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 25 – A First

For those who have followed me, you know I turned 40 a few weeks ago and is still celebrating for 2 more days. During that time, I plan to start doing some things I have never done and start doing others that I have done. I have created lasting memories and documented several of my activities.

I started the 40 day celebration with a first for me...pole dancing. It was a fun experience. However, I need to find some rhythm before I return! 

Another first for me in my celebration was belly dancing. My friends have truly indulged me with hanging with me. I had friends representing aspects of my life from elementary school to current colleagues. 

This birthday celebration was a first for me with new experiences and memories. I was able to have 40 days with 40 activities/outings. I have never gave real thought in creating a celebration until this year. I did not get everything in during that time. So I have a list of firsts I will finish later this year. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 24 – Something that Made Me Cry

Something that Made Me Cry
Disclaimer : In effort to get through some of these posts, I am not worrying about giving you a good story. I am going to create a list when appropriate and keep it moving. IF you want me to expound on anything, leave me a comment and I will do it in the comments or a later post. 

  • Someone close to me getting hurt
  • Watching my Baby Bandit go through anything painful 
  • Sad movie
  • Moving song
  • Heartbreak (yes I too have experience heartbreak)
  • Anger
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Death of my dad and grandparents
  • Seeing the pain in others

Day 23 - Something That Makes Me Feel Better

It's simple. SWEETS **drops the mic and walks off stage**

In a nut shell, I LOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE sweets. If you have followed me for any length of time, you would see I love brownies, cookies, cake, and candy. I love love love my sweets.

In an effort to make this posting a little longer, I will list other things that make me feel better. All one has to do is tap into my love languages. Yes, there is a s on the end of language because I have more than one!

  • Listening to gospel music - My favorite cd is Shakin' the House Live in LA cd with Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, and Hezekiah Walker


  • Spending time with my friends 

Breakfast with Tiffany

  • Watching a comedy or feel good movie

  • Playing with my nephews (the little ones)
These are just a few things that makes me feel better.

Day 22 - Something That Upsets Me

Like everyone else, there are quite a few things that upsets me. If I had to choose one thing, it would be a lie.  I know people say they are bothered by liars. BUT I REALLY HATE FOR SOMEONE TO LIE TO ME. I don't care how bad it is or how you think it will hurt my feelings, tell me the truth. Remember, whatever is done in the dark comes to light. So if you lie to me, then I am upset twice---one for whatever you lied about AND two for the lie itself.!

The Band-Aid analogy is a good way for me to explain it. Just rip it off fast. Meaning, I would rather you tell me instantly and let me deal with whatever negative emotion/reaction I am going to have. Versus pulling a little of the Band-Aid off at a time. Meaning telling me what you think I want to hear instead of the truth.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not asking you to be crass with what you are saying or doing. Just be honest. There is a way to say everything. Just find the best way to say it.

Oh, and if you really want to take me over, lie to me about something I specifically asked you. If I asked, then I have already prepared myself for the worst possible answer. It goes with my motto, "If you are man or woman enough to ask, then I am woman enough to tell you the truth."

So, for all those who did not you know! Don't lie to me!!!!!

Finishing the Challenge

I am going to try to finish this dog gone challenge I started oh so long ago. I need to finish it purely from a commitment standpoint. I am good for starting or setting something up, but I would rather let someone else finish it. Something I have been accepting lately.

Plus, I want to blog about other things like my 40 in 40 celebration and random thoughts I know I need to deal with.

So hopefully you will have plenty of new posts to read over the next few weeks. Let's get it in! (Ok, that was really a pep talk to myself!)

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