Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 3 Challenge - 8 Fears

Fears. Everyone has some whether they admit it or not.

Fear - False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear can be paralyzing but once it is faced, it can be so liberating. I believe its possible to have a fear without consciously knowing it.

My fears.

1. Not preparing my son to excel in the real world.

2. Not fulfilling my purpose.

3. Failure - My fear of failure has prevented me from taking risks. Risks in careers, relationships, goals

4. When I need someone (no one in particular), that person is not there for me. It is hard for me to ask or seek help. So when I need it and it is not there, it is a deep hurt for me.

5. Making a mistake that is so costly it destroys me or someone close to me.

6. Dying a slow and painful death. I don't believe that is how I will die but I would hate to have a painful long illness.

7. Not becoming completely debt free.

8. Dying alone. I don't mean not having a husband but outliving or estranged from family or friends.

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