Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 18 - My Favorite Birthday

I am not caring for all these "favorite" posts. I few favorites and birthdays are not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my birthdays every year. Most years, I am not celebrating on the actual day but I do celebrate it every year some kind of way.

Your birthday is the time to celebrate a new year of life and a reflection on your years on earth. Since my birthday is in June, this is a great time for my midyear calendar review/checkpoint. I use it as a time to assess where I am with my goals and improvements for the year. Then I reset or continue pushing towards those goals.

Since I don't have a favorite birthday, I will share some memorable birthday moments/times:

A few years ago, LadyLee blogged about our friendship for my birthday. It was one of the greatest gifts ever! I like material gifts just like the next girl, but I love gifts which requires thought whether it is material in nature or not. That year, I spent my birthday at a book club meeting followed by about 10 of us from the meeting going out to a early dinner. Lee made me some of her famous chocolate chip cookies. Since Baby Bandit's birthday is 2 days before mine, she sent him his own batch.

The year before, I spent my birthday with another fabulous Gemini. My best male friend Loco's wife and I share the same birthdate. I am literally hours older than her. We both worked that day, but we met up at Taco Mac to start the weekend celebration. Some of her coworkers and friends met us there. We spent a few hours there before moving to the next spot. We finished the night at a Latin club where I attempted to learn how to salsa...LOL

The birthday before last, I had a cookout at the house. No need for me to blog about it. LadyLee took care of it for me. Click this.

Last year, I celebrated for about a week. That was about the time I started this blog. I had a few friends over for a cookout and my mom was in town to pick up 2 of my nephews. I celebrated some more when a couple of my line sisters were in town. Click on the links to read about the weekend celebration. Friday and Saturday

This year I am planning to celebrate 40 years in 40 days. I have started compiling a list of things to do. I am celebrating from June 1st through July 10th. It works great with my school calendar and BB's AAU basketball schedule. I just saw the schedule for the team. There are no games in June and the 1st tourney in July is after my celebrations.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 17 - My Favorite Memory

No one memory just pop into my mind. For those who know me, I don't have many favorite anything. I am not an extremist. So it has to be something special to fall into the "favorite" category. I have favorite time periods or close people who gave me great memories, but I don't have just one. OR I have other adjectives for it other than favorite. For example, proud moment, excited moment, pleasantly surprised moment.

So I am stuck on what to use. Therefore I am going to just skip this one!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 16 - My First Kiss

By now, you know I like to take the topic and put a twist to it. When I read first kiss, I immediately thought about my first kiss ever with a boy. Then I thought about what twist could I use. It came to me. The first kiss with any guy. What is more memorable or what blog worthy. If I was ever married, I would definitely blog about my first kiss as a wife. Since I am not, I definitely will not blog about it.

Types of first kiss
  • romantic kiss ever
  • with a new boo
  • first kiss as a couple
  • first kiss as a married kiss
First kisses are definitely awkward. I wish I was a good story teller and could create this elaborate story. But I am I won't.

I had my first kiss in middle school. THE END


I believe I was in the 7th grade when I had my first kiss. I was "dating" a twin boy a year older. Both of us went to the movies with our friends. It was about 8 to 10 of us. I could not tell you the name of the movie. I need to call my twin to remember who was all there. So I guess all in all my first kiss was not memorable!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 15 - My Dreams

Dreams. According to, dreams mean a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. Another definition is an aspiration, goal, or aim. I don't remember most of my dreams from the night before unless I talk to someone about it as soon as I get up. I heard you have roughly 5 dreams every night, regardless if you remember them. Most days, I wake up not remembering even one. 

I am going to focus this post on dreams as in aspirations and goals. I hve posted four times since I started my blog dealing with goals. Feel free to check them out: New Year's Resolution - Bandit StyleBucket ListVision Boards, and Disorganization and Procrastination. They sum it up for me. 

Dreams to me are fantasies becoming realities. Some of my dreams:

  • Getting Baby Bandit graduated from high school and into a 4 year college on a full ride 
  • Dating, courting, then getting married to the right guy
  • Becoming debt free
  • Traveling 
  • Learning new things
  • Really knowing I have positively impacted my students
I tried to come up with some goals I have not stated in the previous posts. I think my vision board sums up my immediate goals. 

Day 14 – What You Wore Today

Today was game day! So that means red was definitely a must for the day. I wore a red v-neck sweater, with slimming bootleg blue jeans, and black & red boots. I accessorized with a red and white scarf an and big red earrings. My hair has been in twists since Sunday. I wished someone was here to take a picture but they are not. 

Sweater I wore with different accessories

Twists similar to what I have now

Day 13 - My Week

Ok....I just seem not to be able to finish this post. SO....I am going to finish it now. I had quick notes for each of those days. This is from the last week in Jan.

I started this post a couple of weeks ago but never finished. So I guess I have to start over with a new week. I guess it is for the best because that week was not the best and I was very bothered, irritated, and upset. That is not what I really want when I go back to read my posts. Like my girl Lee says, "I life to keep it smurfy around these parts."

Saturday - I finally went to the bank to get a new debit card. Apparently, I lost it the 1st week of the year. I needed to get some cash and stop by the store for some snacks. We had 3 games later that afternoon in Jones County. I learned the day before I can't ride the big yellow bus unless my stomach stays on full! That motion sickness is no joke!

Later, I rode the bus with the JV boys and both varsity teams to Jones County. Unfortunately, both boys teams lost by a bucket. The girls struggled too but managed to pull off the win. None of them played their best game. During halftime and in between games, I was able to grade most of my tests from Friday! Love it! I hate grading papers.

On the ride home, I noticed a had a missed phone call and a message on FB from someone. I called her back. She was calling to apologize for possibly offending me by one of her messages on FB. I thought it was a great gesture to reach out to me. I was not offended by her posting nor did I feel slighted. I am glad she reached out to me though. That lets me know she values our relationship.

Sunday - Nothing major stands out. Just a leisurely day at home watching tv and getting ready for the work week.

Monday - Work

Tuesday - I had a break to the normal week routine. I had a training for the new math curriculum GA is rolling out next school year. Definitely a short work day since I did not have to report early or stay late for any reason and the training center is 2 miles from the house.

Baby Bandit stayed home sick with some type of virus. It started on Monday. It was so obvious on Monday that a few teachers and his coach checked up on him. He came home, ate dinner, then slept for 14 hours straight. I came home for lunch from training to wake him up to take some medicine and eat. He begged to go to practice but both momma and coach told him to stay home, do his homework from the night before and rest. He fell right back to sleep.

Wednesday - Back to the grind. My kids missed me. I think it is more so they had a sub they could not run over. LOL! BB went to school against my better judgement. He struggled most of the day. He needed a 2nd day of rest. He crashed the middle of the day. He literally went to sleep in 3 of his classes. His coach told him to skip practice and catch up on his missing work and rest. BB wished he would have stayed home for the day.

I started teaching my class after-school for students who did not pass the 1st semester. They are trying to recover the missing credit. The students are allowed to test out. Unfortunately, none of the lovely geniuses passed it.

Thursday - Scheduled to be a long day. I had a meeting girls jv tourney game/meeting for house late work conversation on gifted kids

Friday - The day was a typical work day. Nothing unusual. Friday night's game was against Union Grove at home. All the teams played well and we pulled out the win. Love my Bulldogs!!!!

Saturday - I really wanted to go to the Battle of the Bands. However, the week was hectic and I needed to handle some business. I finally made some progress in my office/spare room. I can see the floor now! I finally put all the summer shoes in the closet and threw away some unnecessary papers. Then I did what I do most Saturday nights....had a date with my TIVO!

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