Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrating 40 Years in 40 Days

I am turning 40 later this year. Initially, I was going on a cruise but the planning stage did not go as well as I wanted and it left a bad taste in my mouth! So instead I came up with Celebrating 40 years in 40 days. I am very excited about it. I will do something every day.

Now, everyday does not have to be grand and over the top. However, I must do something every day! Some days will be simple things as exploring my neighborhood or a nice day at the park. Some things will be with a big group and others maybe with one or two other people. I checked my bucket list for additions.

Before anyone could ask me about when does it start. I decided to keep it simple. I am starting on June 1st and run to July 10th. That means I don't have to worry about wrapping up the school year while starting my celebration. I just realized my birthday is 1/2 way through it. That's perfect!

So here is the list so far. I just need to put dates with activities. The good thing is I can do some of them during the day and I don't have to wait until the weekend for my mini trips.

1. Massage
2. Mani/Pedi
3. Facial
4. Picnic
5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
6. Apex Museum
7. Wind Down Wednesdays
8. Rock climbing
9. Mini trips – Bham, Charlotte, Panama City, Savannah 
10.      Screen on the Green
11.      Catch a Play
12.      Drive – In
13.      Kings Island (amusement park in Cincinnati)
14.      Black History Museum in Cincy
15.      Laser tag
16.      Take an exercise or dance class
17.      Canvas by you (new painting creation)
18.      Dinner with friends
19.      Lunch with friends
20.      Crash a book club meeting (Anew)
21.      Sleepover
22.      Game night
23.      Music Festival
24.      Explore West End
25.      Explore Henry County
26.   Skydiving
27.   Ziplining

Any suggestions?


  1. Wait, man. No cruise? I was going to call you about that.
    :( DANG!!


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