Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Moments of 2011

I know I am in the middle of a 30 post challenge, but I decided to take a break from it to reflect on the last year. Like everyone else, it had some great, good, decent, and bad moments. The real question is did I take the time to learn the lesson in every single one of them. If I am truly honest, the answer  is a resounding NO!

Some moments that pop up in my mind when I think about a particular month
  • Made resolutions...really more so goals. I don't like resolutions. However, I did not have a vision board. Therefore, they fell by the wayside very quickly. 
  • WINTER STORM 2011 - the city was shut down for a week. I was getting stir crazy because my street was clear in a couple of days. I get plenty of sun on my street. So the snow/ice combo melted much faster than other streets. 
  • Battle of the Bands with E and the kids, then bowling with Reggie, Penny, Shaun, Nai, Shelia, and Tanja. Spent a day with people who have deposited in my life many years ago. Even though we don't talk everyday, I enjoyed spending time with them being able to JUST BE ME. 

  • WINTER STORM 2011 still having an impact on my life. Mid-winter break cancelled because of the impromptu break we had in January from the storm.
  • Found out I had 2 more nephews on the way. My sissy is pregnant with twin boys. 
  • Experiencing several Black History Month activities at DHS with Men of Distinction leading the way with activities at least once a month. 
  • Baby Bandit makes an AAU team. Coaches debating what squad to put him on. He was good enough to play on the oldest age bracket, but the NEEDED him on his age bracket for his height. There were no height. Had him playing center when he naturally plays small forward/off guard. 
  • Baby Bandit totalled my car. It was definitely a traumatic experience for him. His seatbelt honestly saved his life. When he get his license this year, I won't have to worry about him not having it on or texting while driving. 
  • Bought a new (for me) car - CASH ONLY 
  • Spring 95 Rescue 911 GZ anniversary turns into a weekend of events - Sip N Strokes, Stone Mountain-Lithonia Step Show and dinner, Church Services with Adenika and her church family, and just some good girl time.
Spring 95 with our DP and President 

Hound and Goldie enjoying a laugh at dinner

  • Really connected/bonded with my line sister. I agreed to pick her up a few times over the weekend. It was one of the best things I did in 2011. We talked and caught up with each other lives. I really can't put into words the bonding that took place. We really connected for the first time. It definitely has been one of the relationships I nourished the remainder of the year. Every time she was in town to spend time with family, I made sure I was in the number. Any real relationship is requires giving, supporting, listening and encouraging. We both have done it this year. We have bonded over painting. I supported her with her book signing and her end of the summer program. She was here to celebrate my birthday with some of my other friends. We have sent many texts, emails, facebook messages to encourage each other, bounce ideas around, and just to say hey just thinking about you! 


  • Went to my 1st Sip n Strokes session. Learn they work miracles..LOL. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. But I was able to make a masterpiece with Darcova.  She is definitely a PROFESSIONAL!  (Inside joke).

  • Decided on how to celebrate my 40th birthday and BB's 16th birthday. Since they are 2 days apart and he never been on a cruise, I planned a cruise for this year. 
  • The twins were born over 2 months early. Cooper Dean and Cortland McKinley entered the world as fighters! They are doing well. 

  • Supported Dr. Darcova Triplett at her book signing. STRUT! Darcova is such a giving person. She incorporated many other dreamers into her day. They were other writers, business owners, motivation speakers, bakers, hairstylists---basically anyone acting/pursuing their dreams. 
Darcova's book celebration (Line sisters supporting each other)
  • Drove home to spend about 2 weeks home. Able to attend my oldest nephew graduation and visit with my 2 newest nephews. 
  • Was able to be home with my mom for her birthday
  • Was back home for Baby Bandit and my birthday. Did not celebrate on my birthday but had small celebrations with different people throughout the next few weeks. 
  • Nephews JB and TJ was able to visit for 2 weeks with me. Have you all picked up I love my boys! 
  • Mom comes to collect her grandboys; birthday cookout 
  • Became one of the "coaches" for BB AAU team because I know the game of basketball and know how to keep stats. 
  • Started my blog

  • One of my friends took me to the gun range for the 1st time. Loved it!

  • Continued celebrating my birthday with the girls at Canvas by U.

  • Enjoyed watching Darcova's Summer Babies performance at the end of their summer camp
  • New Teacher Orientation even though it was my 3rd year in their system. ( 1st time starting the year off as the teacher of record)
  • J Watty moves in with us for his senior year of high school. Now I have 2 teenage boys living with me. 
  • The twins came home
  • Started last semester to earning my MEd in Special Eduacation. I know I have no desire to becoming a special education teacher but I like the techniques I learn to use in my classroom.
  • Birthday movie and chemo celebration 

  • Baby Bandit was in a quinceanera. Click on the word to read about it. I was honored he was asked to participate in such an important day. 

  • Watched Baby Bandit come along in football. He went from no playing time last year to no resting time this year. He played almost every down on offense, defense, and special teams until we had the win on lock. 

  • Joined a small gym.....again *sigh*
  • Homecoming!!!!! Both DHS and MBC homecoming were the same weekend. I literally supported my high school Monday through Friday night's football game then celebrated with my college the rest of the weekend.

  • Seen my college roommate and best friend for the first time in 15 years. When she graduated, she cut everyone off from college and Atlanta. We talked about it about a year ago. I understood why she did what she did. I hated she went through so much her last year in college that she thought she could not come to her girls, especially me. Glad we were able to reconnect in person! Love you CareBear.

******Blogger is acting crazy. I guess I have a limit on the number of pictures I can upload****Hmph****

  • Thanksgiving with the family
  • Meeting the latest edition to the family---finally another niece, Taylor.

  • Family pictures 


  • Graduated with my Master's of Education - Special Education
  • Baby Bandit moved up to Varsity for basketball
  • Lunch with some friends
  • Impromptu lunch with 2 fabulous women  - Kami and Adenika

  • The Sequel - Sleepover

  • Really taking time for myself (no teacher responsibilities for most of the break)
Just some of the moments that came to mind. Yes there were other moments, but these are the pleasant moments I wanted to share with you! 


  1. This was a great 2011 recap. You've had a great year. Hope 2012 is even better!

  2. This was so nice, love you and can't wait to see the one for this year I hope it's even better for you.

    Keep Smiling!

  3. Great recap!!!
    I have SOOOOOOOOOOOO many sips n strokes pictures lol


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