Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 9 - My Beliefs

I don't think a blog post can do justice about one's beliefs. Beliefs are deeper than feelings. They are the thoughts, opinions, or convictions. They are at your core. Its the heart of who you are and what makes you tick.

If you have not learned by now, I am a list type of girl (well at least on here). Listing things out helps me group ideas together. In addition, it helps me from rambling to long on one thing and then rush the rest. With that said, I will list some beliefs to satisfy this posts and I may go back at a later date to expand on one or two of them.

  • Tough love is tough for the giver and receiver
  • Giving is mood booster
  • Many people talk about God but really do not understand Him or His love
  • Real parents want desire for their children to have and be better than them
  • Education is key to succeed. However, education is not only in the classroom
  • Learning is a life long process
  • When you stop growing, you stop living
  • Women are more forgiving in relationships
  • Men are really sensitive. They just have been taught to hide their feelings
  • The family, especially the Black family is under attack. Many just don't realize it
  • Stop telling people what you would do. You don't know unless you have been in that situation...period!
  • Never say never
  • Black love is real. Its just rare
  • There are always one more side to the story than the number of people involved. ie if there are 3 people involved, then there are 4 sides to the story. 
  • Anyone and everyone is capable of success
  • There is power in the tongue. Be careful what you put out in the atmosphere
  • Procrastination and disorganization is time and dream killers
  • Write it down and make it plain.
  • You can learn something from everyone
  • Purging is good for the soul
  • Fear is paralyzing
  • As long as you are breathing, you can start over
  • Look at the 5 closest people to you, they are a reflection of you

These are some of my beliefs that have been with me for years. What are some of your beliefs?

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  1. Great post!!!
    Stop telling people what you would do. You don't know unless you have been in that situation...period!<<<<This is one I've lived by for a LONG time!


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