Sunday, November 27, 2011

Disorganization and Procrastination

I have been off kilter for a minute. I am not really sure why or what's the problem. I don't like complaining especially if I don't know why. I really have been thinking about it since I have been on break. I realized my life has become very disorganized and I have taken procrastination to a new level. Therefore, I decided to have my goals and vision board focus on those 2 main areas. With them being the main goals, every other goal needs organization and for me not to procrastinate to achieve it.

I know I need tools to assist me in reaching my goals. Since I am a life learner, I have researched and found some useful information and resources over the years. To help me with organization, I plan to incorporate some of the core principles of FlyLady.

Her motto is you can do anything for 15 minutes. She really speaks to taking baby steps and jumping in where you are. You can not undo yesterday. Just take 15 minutes at a time and you will eventually get it done. She has routines for almost everything. There's a morning routine, evening routine, holiday season daily assignment/routine. There are step by step routines and ways to get everyone in the household involve with keeping the house in order and schedules in line. I use to subscribe to her daily emails, but I became overwhelmed. I just checked out Flylady's website. It has been redesigned but still have all the foundational  necessities.  Between Flylady and creating lists, I should be able to get organized.

Well as long as I don't....procrastinate - my other major area of improvement. Which I have been doing all day. I have been writing this blog all day. I still have not started grading papers, writing my lesson plans for the week, creating bell ringer worksheets, or   entering grades. Let alone the stuff at home like unpacking from my trip home, cleaning my room and bathroom, cooking dinner, or start cleaning out the extra bedroom. Its after 5PM, so I guess alot of it won't get done today. Well, there is always tomorrow and I can go do something for 15 minutes!

Have you started thinking about your goals for the next year? How do you combat disorganization and procrastination?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Football season officially ended for Baby Bandit yesterday. He has one more high school season. It was bitter sweet for me though. My first high school teaching experience started as a long term sub teaching primarily sophmore math classes. Well, these are my "first babies" in my book and they are seniors now. **tear** it was a tough season for my boys and it is my 1st real sense of their high school career coming to an end. Most of them do not play a winter or spring sport. Essentially, they are done playing high school ball. I did not even get a picture of them before the season was over. Every time I brought my camera to the game, they lost. I know from past experience, the boys do not want to talk let alone take some dog gone pictures. So I will settle for taking pictures with them at the banquet.

Now that football season is over, Baby Bandit has basketball tryouts on Monday. He is a little nervous because of his experiences from last year. He was even contemplating not trying out. However, I am teaching him we do not operate in fear. We had to have a heart to heart about not trying something new or doing something because he is scared of the worst possible outcome. Yes, he may not make the team. However, what do you have to lose. IF YOU DON'T TRYOUT, then you will DEFINITELY NOT MAKE THE TEAM. But if you try out, then you have a chance to make it. In his case, he has a good chance to make it. He did not make it last year, but it was a blessing in disguise. It taught him he has to go out and work hard at all times. The other lesson is you have to regroup, evaluate, and make changes. Because he did not play basketball, he did start running track to stay in shape for football and loved it! I tried to get him to do it for years.


I started this posting a few weeks ago. I just hate starting something and not finishing it. So I just decided to continue where I left off.

Baby Bandit made the basketball team. He is on JV, but has the potential to be on the Varsity. Well, if he get his grades together. He is eligible to play by the official standards for student-athletes BUT they are not up to par for GEB. I took his current grades to his coach. The coached asked him for his jersey and told him he will see him when his grades is back to my standards (nothing lower than a 85%). He went on to tell him how important grades are and how they will get him much further than his athletic ability. He had an attitude but he knows he brought it on himself. Since we are on Thanksgiving break, he has enough time to complete all of his missing assignments.  He is too smart for this foolishness. IF it is too much, then he knows what he has to give up. If time management is an issue, then he needs to ask for help. I have offered guidance but he does not want it. So he has to figure it out. The joys of the teenage years!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vision Boards, Mission Statements, To Do Lists

This post was started in July with just a title and I never went back to finish it. I never deleted it. I just let it sit there. I guess somehow I knew I would come back to it. Over the last week or so I have been thinking about what's the next move. What do I want to accomplish in the next year. What happen to my vision board? What is my mission statement? Do I even have one? Do I need to create to-do lists?

I never have created a mission statement. It seemed so corporate. However, I started changing my mind on it when I saw one from LadyLee. She had the amazing mission statement. It touched every aspect of her life. One can tell she took time with creating, revising, and searching within herself what her mission statement means to her. I wish I could get my hands on it so you would know what I am talking about. It is a great way to strive for what she wants and continue to being who she is.

Woo Hoo...I found it. Here is her statement

I am 100% healthy in my body, soul, and spirit. I acknowledge God in all my ways, and I seek Him before I make any decisions, big or small. I am a blessing to my family and to those that God sends across my path. I am an incredible asset to my friends. I am a good listener. I am an excellent employee, and I not only work hard, but I work smart. I take time to periodically evaluate myself, and I make changes accordingly. I stick and hold fast to the path God has charted out for my life. I accept and openly welcome constructive criticism, as I know it will help me become "a better me". I am a good steward, a fine manager over the finances He has blessed me with, to the point that God knows He can trust me.

Now that is a personal mission statement! Then she proceeded to write extensively about each sentence and what it means to her. It is actually on her vision board.

Last year, I was so busy worried about others doing their vision board that I never took the time to create a new one for me. I had my senior class last year create one and they had to use math to explain how they can reach their goals/vision. For instance, if they are going to college, how much does that cost. Will you live on campus/at home/own place? Are you planning to get married or have children? Transportation? Jobs? Clothes? Food? It was interesting to see what they thought and how they were clueless about the real world. I  know some of them are getting a reality check. In addition, I helped one of my friends/sorors with her Girl Scouts troop create vision boards. The girls had some great boards!

I will need to start gathering my thoughts to create mine. I want it completed by Christmas. will be created by Christmas.

To-lists: I see the importance of them. However, like everything else. It must be done in moderation. One my line sisters have 3 ongoing lists. She has her daily list, weekly list, and annual list. I use to tease her in college because her list was sooooo detail. She would actually write down "get gas". I said you can't just look at your needle and KNOW you need gas. I asked her about it a few weeks ago. Many years later, she is still writing her lists.

I need to start a list to assist with being accountable. With me running with students all day, I notice I have alot of things slip through the crack. I know it can not be a massive list or I will get overwhelmed. I plan to have a simple list of about 10 things. I will add only after I have taken something off. I think it will definitely help me be organized.

Do you plan for small and big goals? How do you get things accomplished?

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