Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Adventures - Saturday

I received a call on Friday from one of my friends. He was coming in town for a few hours on Saturday and was going to the gun range. He was checking my schedule to see if I wanted to go with him on Saturday morning.

Background info: There was a home invasion on my street earlier this year. I talked to my friend that same day. He asked me if I owned a gun or ever shot one. When I told him no, he stated he would take me to the range to see if I was comfortable with one. If I am and want to purchase a gun, he would help me with it too. That conversation was back in February or early March. He has not been back here since that time. So he made sure he called me on his next visit. I love when a person keeps his or her word!

I knew where I was going but I was still curious. I guess it comes with the unknown and my ability to succeed in the unknown. My friend use to shoot at this range many times before he moved away. He made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. Since I was a newbie, I had to watch a safety video. While I was watching it, he took care of getting me the gear (eye and ear protection) I needed and the targets. He brought his own gun and ammo for us to use. 

Once inside the range, he took his time explaining to me about the gun. He showed me how to hold it, where's the safety, insert the bullets into the clip, and how to load it. The hardest part was inserting the bullets into the clip. I eventually got the hang of it. We took turns shooting at our targets. I must say I did pretty good for my first time! I found me a new hobby!

Several people asked me who I was about to kill or why go to the range. Honestly, it is something I thought about doing for years but never got around to it. Since my friend asked me to go, I was definitely taking him up on the opportunity. 

I love the whole experience. I am going again. Several people have expressed a desire to go. My friend and I have agreed to go again as well. He even found out the place has Women's Day every Wednesday for a discounted rate. 

1st target
2nd target

Here are my targets! Based on them, I need to practice on my low and high shots. However, I am on point with the center shots! So for now I will only focus on center mass shots versus wounding a leg if someone tries to run up on me...LOL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     After the range, I came home to relax until my evening plans with some of my girls. We plan to create another masterpiece at The painting scheduled for the night was Diva in Pearls. Of course, we change the name.  This outing is part of my birthday celebration. (Remember I am celebrating for a month). Gadget Girl (GG), Tinkerbell, and Dancing Diva (DD) were out with me again. In addition, Isis and Up N Out were part of the celebration. Most of us did our last painting earlier this year during our Deltaversary celebration. This is a great outing for ladies night out, bonding with your children, or even a date night. One of my friends in another city is planning a date night at a studio in her city.

Group picture of us with our Masterpieces

Green Eyed Bandit with Delta Diva in Pearls

Isis(The Professional)  with Goldie in Pearls

Tinkerbell showing off her Diva

DD adding the finishing touches to her pearls
Up N Out working hard to perfect the masterpiece

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  1. Y'all's paintings look REALLY good. I can't wait to do this in my city. I just need to make sure he is available.


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