Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She Shut It Down!

I just tried to read one of my daily blogs. I received the following messsage,  This blog is open to invited readers only. I was confused. I tried to access it a few more times. I was just about to send her a message but decided to check her tweets for today. There it was. She deactivated her blog account. I was hurt. I wanted to cry.

I sent her a message on Twitter. She decided to quit blogging to the masses because of a few comments were made that were out of line. She is very open and shares what is going on in her life. Her honesty and realness is what drew me. She had postings dealing with everything, including raising her son, dating, sorority events, hair, finances, and her spiritual walk. I learned so much from her and I hope I have deposited into her life as well. Our backgrounds have quite a few similarities; therefore, I can definitely relate to her in multiple ways.

My friend is the reason why I started the blog. I wanted to be able to give to others what she has given to me. She may come back to the blog world, but it will not be personal at all. It will focus on the girly things: hair and fashion.

Her decision to end her blog makes me wonder about this blog. I like writing it, but everyday I wonder if the wrong person is going to read it and take if for something it is not. One piece of advice I was given is to write like nobody is reading it but me. However, that is very hard to do. With today's developments, it makes it that much harder.

I hope my friend has a change of heart. I am really going to miss her blog. However, I truly understand. I can still follow her on twitter and send her emails. I will still be able to connect and bond.


  1. Awe. You don't know and I can't really imagine how not blogging is going to effect me. Imagine doing something almost everyday for 6+ years and then stopping cold turkey. It's tough. I am going to keep writing and maybe at some point I'll be ok with opening up my thoughts to other people, but you're right I will be around on twitter, etc.!

  2. I hope she has a change of heart also. :(

  3. I pulled it up yesterday and I thought it was something wrong with Blogger, I tried again no luck then I went on twitter and seen the news. I almost wanted to cry no lie, its a shame that messy people always have to find a way to ruin stuff because they are miserable. I keep hoping Vicki will come out and take over. lol I actually had to do work today imagine that.

  4. I went there yesterday and found it closed as well. Knowing what happened only makes me even more sad. I'm going to miss Serenity's blog, I'm going to miss hearing about her son and how he's maturing into a fine young man.
    It's a sad day.


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