Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 7 Challenge - 4 Books

BOOKS!!!!!! I am a student of life. One of the best ways for me to learn is to read, read, read. I have books everywhere....bookshelves in the garage, car, bathrooms, bedrooms, office, work, kitchen, purse, bags, etc. If I I am anywhere too long, I will pull out a book in a heartbeat. It is not uncommon for me to be reading more than one book at a time and I am always looking to read something new.

If I would have to pick a genre, it would be self-help/motivation books. However, I read almost any genre. Other than self-help/motivation books, there are few books I would read a book more than once.

Today's list will include books either I have recommend to others or books I have purchased several times and still may not have a copy of it!

1.Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It by Henriette Anne Klauser PhD - This book has been read by many people in my book club. The title is self-explanatory. In a nutshell, it helps one create and put on paper. It recants stories of others including children who have created lists and totally forgotten about them. Later, they come across it and notice they have accomplished most of it on there. 
I have a line sister who cannot live without her list. I remember laughing at her because she would literally write down stop for gas. However, she is one person who accomplishes everything on her list!

2. The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Gary Chapman - I read this book several times. I wrote about it in an earlier post. The premise is every person has a main love language. It explains what that means and how one can discover his or her language AND how to speak others language.

3. The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom by Michelle Singletary. This is an excellent book to assist anyone working on improving their financial status. I read this book twice last year. It is a 3 week fast from spending any unnecessary money. The twist I like about this book is it is written by a Black woman and it has a biblical foundation. One of the times I completed the 21 day fast with a group of women throughout the country. We blogged daily at Serenity-30’s blog. It was good to hear from others as we walked the journey together.   

4. The Conversation: How Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships by Hill Harper. This book is Hill’s view on Black relationships. He reflects on his own failed relationships and why a successful man is not married. He poses questions to men and women separately in various settings, including the barbershop, house parties, dinners, and just regular conversations with friends. I particularly like the questions anyone can ask in a group setting. It is not necessary to read the book to have a conversation. 

Since it is my blog….I am adding a little to the challenge. I am including 4 books on my “to read” list.

1 Getting to the Root of your Problem: 365 Days of Inspirational Thinking by Dr. Rico Short. This great book is written by one of my beloved college mates. He is the dentist to the stars! More importantly, is his love and relationship with God and his family. It is a must read for anyone willing to work on themselves! 

2 Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones This book was recommended by the great Original Oldgirl LadyLee. I even won an autograph copy in her 15 book give-a-way. She delivered my copy this weekend. I cant wait to dedicate some time to reading it! 

3. The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream by Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, Rameck Hunt and Lisa Frazier Page – This book is about 3 teens making a pact to push and pull each other from their circumstances to become successful doctors. They all attend the same college in order to honor their commitment to each other. I kept this book on my desk at school. Several teachers have picked it up AND it became a required book for one English teacher’s class after she saw it on my desk. My mother read it in 2 days. So I need to handle it before I go back to work.
4. Well, I don’t have a 4th one. So what do you recommend?


  1. I have fell waaaaay off in my reading in the past 2 years. Sigh.

  2. Me too. I think today is going to be a quiet day. I hope to pick up a book.

  3. There is a book called "Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America." My high school teacher gave it to me when I graduated. I thought that when I became a teacher I would choose one young black man from the senior class to give that book to for graduation. I only did it once, I should start back again.

  4. @Allen, I am going to remind you during the school year.


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