Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 1 in the 40 in 40 Celebration

 Today's get out of the house event was pole dancing at Dance 411 Studios. Several people were planning to go. However, conflicting schedules and late registration prevented many to join us. Despite some of my people not being about to go, I was determine to get out and do it! One of  my coworkers, Dance Diva, did make it out.

Now you did not think you were going to get pictures of us on the pole did you? HA!

Since its the first day of my 40 in 40, I am still getting other dates in order. I just added a daily spiritual component. Yesterday, I just looked at a stack of 4 books on one of my stands. There was this book I have been meaning to read and do.It is The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It is a 40 day reflection. Can't get any better than that! SPIRITUAL GROWTH

Less than a week ago, I was chatting via FB with a couple of my line sisters about a photo shoot one of them is having. That sparked the notion we need to be fine-eeerrrrrrrrrrrr for it. From it the Strut Challenge was birthed. It is a 5 week challenge (June 1st - July 5th). It consists of more exercise, water, fruits and veggies and less sugar, pasta, and bread. There is so much excitement on the FB event page. It is so encouraging. PHYSICAL GROWTH 

This is all going on while I am still working my calendar of events for my 40 in 40. Which is allowing me to do all the things I have not made time to do and see people without stressing about when I see them. MENTAL GROWTH 

So as I usher into my 40th birthday, I have my mental, physical, and spiritual covered!   

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