Sunday, June 3, 2012

Game Night - Celebrating 40 in 40 Celebration

Game Night was the event of the day for Saturday. The first few hours I was running around forgetting every thing. I had to go back to the store and the house because of things I left. But once I arrived to the Game Night location, everything was smooth sailing!

Because it is game night and many of the people are committed to eating healthier, snacks consist of veggie trays, fruit trays, cheeses, and chips and dips. Now before you turn up your noses.

I AM THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! So, there were brownies with ice cream for brownie sundaes!!!!

In between the snacking we actually got some game time in! First up was the Micheal Jackson Experience.

Now, this was great comedy! Some of my friends are super competitive. Perfect Ten could not believe she only earned 1 star on her first attempt. In her defense, she did pick an inhuman routine and her controller was not reading properly. She loves it so much is about to buy a WII just to get the game!

Dancing Diva came in and was ready for action. Now she is super competitive too. She was making all the moves and were in sync with the game and her partner, but the system ranked her low too. Their reactions were classic. I was too busy laughing that I forgot to get pictures of most of the others doing it.

Here are to rookies playing. They did well!

After everyone was hot and tired from MJE, we took another snack break. Then it was time for Taboo.


We played two good games of it. The last game was close throughout with a few lead changes. Team Bun wanted to quit as soon as they got the lead for the first time. However, Team Nick was not having it. It was only fitting to play until 40 points. At this point, only 1 point separated the 2 teams. From there on out, everyone was on their toes! Funny this is at the end of a round, both teams had 40 points. On to sudden death! Team Bun pulled off the win by 1 point. Definitely a good game!

The players who finished off the night. Others left earlier due to other commitments, but fun time was held by all!

Game Night was a great time with good friends. Can't wait until the next adventure.

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