Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating Life through Love Languages

Last week we talked about The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Today we will look at celebrating life through words of affirmation.

Words of Affirmation is showing love and celebrating through w
ords. Now what does that really mean? It means that kind words are important, stating “I love you” is important, giving compliments are important. On the flip side, criticism and degrading words are very painful.

How do we celebrate life and love through words of affirmation? Here are some suggestions:
• Give genuine compliments. I remember having a challenge to give 5 compliments per day for a month. (That shirt looks good on you. I love how you can relate to the kids, etc.)

• Send a sincere text to a love one (Just sending you a quick text to say I was thinking about you/love you)

• Write an old fashion letter and send it through snail mail telling someone what they have mean to you through a time period in your life

• Send a card just because

• Tell someone what you admire in them and why ( I admire y
your work ethic. Even when things seem impossible, you press through)

• Praise your significant other (to him/her and to others) ( I love how you spend your free time making sure the family is good)

• When speaking to someone, use a kinder and gentler tone. (Will you be able to assist me versus when are you going to help me? I have been asking all day!)

How are some ways you can or do celebrate life and love through words of affirmation?

For those of you who did not complete the love language quiz, the link is below

Can’t wait to get new ways to speak love and celebrate life!

Tiffany Dillard

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