Monday, October 15, 2012

Celebrating Life through Quality Time with Loved Ones

Over the past 2 weeks, we have discussed the concept of celebrating life through the five love languages. Last week, we talked about one of them, words of affirmation. In a nutshell, you are celebrating someone through words. It could be through speaking or writing.
Today’s love language is quality time. Quality time is spending time with someone (whether mate, children, friends, and family members). This time is undivided attention. Therefore, put away the laptop, tablet, cell phone, tv, and any other distractions in your life. Quality time is not too hard to do. Here are some suggestions:
  • When having a conversation, ignore your phone, turn off the television, and focus on that person
  •  For couples, dedicate a few hours/an evening just for the two of you
  • Have family night. Use the time to do those things your family like such as movie night, game night, bowling night, etc
  • Take a walk together and forget the rest of the world


Here are a few tips to remember:
  • Try new things
  • Compromise on the activities you choose. The important thing is spending time together
  • Listen to your loved ones. They give you clues into who they are and what they like.

The things you can do to share quality time is endless. All you need is an imagination. There are many sites to find ways. Google ways to share quality time.

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