Sunday, August 28, 2016

Six Sunday Sentiments

1. I am such a horrible blogger. Who only blogs a handful of times year?

2. I think I am turning into my mother. Growing up we had friends and cousins moved in with us. Apparently, I have that gene. So far Man-Child's best friend, one of my former basketball players, my niece, and my nephew have lived with me at one time or other.  

3. The new school year has started. It is wearing me out! Most of my administration is new with new ideas. One thing is for sure, my coaching time is protected. The principal hired 2 additional academic coaches. So I am excited about being able to learn so much from them. My coaching vision board will become a reality. 

4. Football season is here! I am spending my Friday under the lights and Saturdays traveling to see my Man-Children. 

5. When I first started this post, I just knew I had so much to talk about. I am struggling to come up with 6! 

6. I am really trying to become more organize. I am creating a coach's notebook to plan my days. I am creating a chore chart for my nephew. We made a deal that he will earn $1 each day nobody has to remind him to do his chores. I am going to create one for myself as well for the chores I want to do on certain days. I had a meme that have daily chores. I need to find and print it out. 

Whew! I got through it. Now off to bed! 

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