Monday, December 14, 2015

Living in One of my Purposes (in Pictures)

Many people feel they don't know what is their purpose. I have struggled with it. I would venture to say that we have more than one purpose here on this place we call Earth. I know one of my purposes is to be an educator. I have been an educator wayyyyyyyyyy before I stepped into the classroom. I know that sounds crazy. SO let me explain. I have been educating/teaching people on different things for as long as I can remember.

In my opinion, teaching is more than just a job. It is who you are. It is in your bones, your spirit, your heart. No matter how much my students fight me on learning, I still keep coming back for more. It is so worth it when they finally get it. When I see the "light bulb" go off, it makes my heart smiles. Sometimes I am more excited about it than them.

I love this picture above. I have made it my profile picture on Facebook several times. It is a representation of what I love to do. TEACH! And support my babies. If you look closely, I am wearing " I wear for Tiana" Tee. Tiana is one of my Delta nieces that overcame childhood bone cancer. She is our Princess Warrior. Her journey was such a testimony to her strength and the foundation of love, strength, grace and so much more that her parents (and village) deposited into her.

This dude right here. He is dubbed as my favorite by the kids. Probably because I kept him out of so much trouble and let him get away with so much. Look at him. He is a runt! I don't even have on heels and I am looking down on him. This picture was taken when he was a freshman. He is now a junior and taller than me. He always says "This is OUR room! They better fall in line!"

These ladies are part of the DHS "Mighty Math Department." I would put up the team of teachers I had when I started there against any math department anywhere. These ladies were more than coworkers; they became my friends. This is from the night where senior football players had their favorite teachers wear their jerseys. I wasn't even working there anymore, but one of my babies requested them to call me and ask me to come and wear his jerseys. This is when you know what you do matters. They don't have to be the perfect student or child, but it still matters that you care and deposited into them. Man, I love reaching the next generation.

These are some of my original babies catching the action from a football game. To this day, they check in with me and make sure they spend some time with me when they are home from break. I never even taught the one on the far right. I think they have given me more than I have even given them. They let us know it is well worth what we do! 

Signing Day! 
Signing Day! 

These are a couple of pictures from Signing Day at my last school. I can't say enough great things about the coaches for the girl's basketball program. They do so much for the girls that they call them "Our 2 dads." They mentor, teach, counsel, give tough love, feed, transport, and anything else they need. They are constantly exposing them to opportunities and experiences outside of their school and neighborhood. One of the coaches is a community coach and gives his time freely. I mean a lot of time. He will even pop up and sit in classes if any of the girls are cutting up in a class. 

The coaches (and now even me since I am part of the coaching staff) can get the girls to open up about almost anything. I am sure we know more stuff about them then their parents. Since we have this awesome responsibility, we make sure we are advising them as we would our own children.  

The 2 seniors signing did not have any schools looking at them before the season started. One of the young ladies didn't even play until January due to an ACL injury. Both received full rides to college. 

Now, this is my baby boy!!!!  I think this kid started calling me "Ma-muh" before he got off of my roster. Once the teachers and staff realized he was one of my extra sons, they did not hesitate to call on me when needed. I was even added as an emergency contact. I use him as an example at the beginning of every semester and throughout the school year when needed. I told them, "If I let my baby boy earn a sit in summer school, what do you think I will let you earn?!"

This simple gesture was a gift from a student. No reason other than to show appreciation to me. Most teachers are like me. A simple card, note, or token of appreciation is the fuel we need to keep going. It is a reminder that what we do does matter.

One of my babies. I see so much potential in her. Her mom has allowed me to spend time with her outside of school. We have gone to church, shopping, and vision board parties. I listen to her dreams and fears. Give her advice and hugs when needed. Most of all, I am just there for her.

One of my peers nominated me for Teacher of the Month. It was an honor for my colleagues to see the extra miles I go for my kids. Yes, I say they are my kids, cause that is exactly how I treat them. Like a parent, they know they better not show out in front of company (visitors who may visit) or with a substitute. We can have fun, joke, and get loose. BUT you will NOT show out unless you want ME TO SHOW OUT,

This collage above is a snapshot of what I meant that our coaches are expanding our children's thinking. We had a state playoff game about 3 hours away. Instead of leaving early the day of the game, we left the evening before the game. Instead of practicing at the school, coach made arrangements for the girls to practice at one of the local colleges. Subconsciously, he was planting the seed for them to play on the next level which means going to college. For some, they hadn't thought about what's next after high school. Again, planting seeds! Now we are watering, pruning, and growing our little flowers for the next phase of their lives.

These young ladies are my "daughters". You would not believe how many students come by to confirm they belong to me. I even heard students argue each other down about them being my daughters. I just laugh. At least they are using their reasoning skills outside of my class. LOL!

Even on my Founder's Day, I am putting in work for my babies. This is from one of our games which was on January 13th. Still represented for my sorority while working.

I truly believe I am charged with teaching/educating the whole student. I just don't teach math. I teach life and life skills. I took a couple of days with a class to create vision boards. They cut, drew, wrote their life goals after high school. It was the 1st time for many to think pass today. We took time to reflect on whether their actions of today will assist them in reaching their goals/dreams of the future.

They did it! They finally wore me down. I will now tolerate girls long term....LOL!!!! For those who know me, I prefer to have a class of all or mainly all boys over girls any day. I know I can work a nerve because I require you to give me more than you want to give. Girls tend to hold on to grudges for-ev-ah! Boys get their feelings hurt and are over it later that day or the next. These girls though. They got my heart (and usually my phone for selfies and us-ies).

And at the end of the day, I just want them to be Super Stars in their lives. 


  1. Continue the good work, wish more teachers had your passion, your kids are very fortunate to have you!

    1. Thank you! There are many teachers are similar to me.

  2. Very true,but it's not just teacher's it's society itself, we live in a very selfish society no one seems to care anymore they are just out for themselves. People seem to forget children are our future leaders

  3. "In my opinion, teaching is more than just a job. It is who you are. It is in your bones, your spirit, your heart."

    Excellent. Good post.


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