Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 21 - Another Moment

I really not feeling these "moment" posts. Never really know what to write about. However, it did not take me weeks to figure out this one. One moment that stands out is the moment I realized an ex was literally draining me.   We had broken up about 6 months before but we did the normal checking on each other from time to time. We even talked about getting back together. For whatever reason, that did not happen.

A few weeks later, he called me about some mail from my son's school. The mail was clearly addressed to me. However, he took the liberty to open my mail then call me to fuss about its contents. He did not ASK about the letter. He went on a rampage about getting my son to school on time and being responsible. I HIT THE ROOF!!!! You may be right about some things but me not being responsible and doing the best I can for my son IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

I cussed him out while driving my son to school. First of all, there was no need for him to open up my mail!! He had options! He could have called me to pick up my mail. He could have brought it to his job and tell me to pick it up there. (We literally worked across the street in different office buildings). He could have brought it to my job. What he should have not done was open up my mail!

His second mistake was trying to check me. In the words of Shree', "Who gone check me Boo?" The letter was saying my son had excessive tardies.  I think he had about 8 or 9. He did not call with concern to see if there was a problem preventing him to get to school on time. He called to tell me how I was not being a good parent because I was getting him to school late. Now this letter came at the end of the school year. So this little boy was late approximately once a month! Now, I was concern but I KNOW I got him to school on time most of the time. In fact, the few times I got him there late, the bell was literally ringing while I was waiting in the drop off line. I know HE got him to school late at least one of those days. However, he did not want to admit that one!

SO, that day I thought I finished cussing him out on the drive to my son's school. But once I got to work, I realized I had to get the rest off of my chest. I checked on my staff to make sure everyone was there and did not need me before I called him back. Then I let him have it again. It was at that point I felt a "heavy cloud" over me. It was at that moment that I realized when I was with him, a heavy cloud/burden was on me. With me not being with him for 6 months, it was removed. But that ONE conversation brought it right back like a hard storm. It was in that moment I could not entertain any more conversations with him.

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