Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 8 Challenge - 3 Movies

I love watching movies but I do not make the time to go to the movies often. There are many movies I can pick
depending on the spin. My 3 favorite movies, 3 movies with a color in the title, 3 girlie movies, and the list could go on and on. Therefore, I am not going to pick a group but just go with the flow!

1. The Temptations - This movie and the 5 Heartbeats are 2 movies I enjoy watching with Baby-Bandit. He has developed an appreciation for music other than rap because of these movies. For this, I am grateful!

2. The Color Purple - I read the book before it was a movie. I saw the movie opening weekend and watched it at least one a month during my college years. When the play came to Atlanta with Fantasia. I was there! There are so many messages and quotable lines. Classic!

3. Malcolm X and Ray - I like no love watching movies when I forget the actor is not the real person. Denzel and Jamie did it for me in both of these movies.  


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