Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer is Over!

Its official. My summer is over. Today is the second day back to work. Two weeks of training, then the children return.

The students received their schedules in the mail. I even checked my schedule. I saw a few surprises.

After a few kids called Baby Bandit for the lowdown on teachers, I decided to check my schedule. I have some huge classes! Like over 30 children and I was switched to a new classroom. 
Those are big numbers. I know they will shake out over the first few weeks of school. Having class sizes under 25 is great. Having around 20 is ideal for me. 

The other surprise is I am in a new classroom. Some would think that is no big deal. In the grand schemes of things, it is not. Its just a change I prefer not to have to make. I love my class location from last year. I was on a diverse hall. There's the deaf and hearing impaired class, an English class, business classes, video class, engineering classes,  food and nutrition class, and the early childhood room. I interacted with these teachers all the time. Its the small things that made this location perfect for me. I was able to dash to the bathroom in the early childhood room that was next door. I talked basketball with a coach during class changes. The custodians spoiled me with making sure I eat in the morning and have my hot chocolate. There is a copier in between the business classes. So I am able to make quick copies or send my students to make quick copies. The biggest adjustment is having lunch in the middle of a class period. Now I will loose all of it with my room change. 


On the flip side, I am on the same hall as the rest of the math teachers. So, I will be able to talk shop in between bells. We can easily check to see if a common lesson is working in other classes and periods. I am able to have lunch with my department and my favorite lunch partner. In addition, I am right across from our graduation coach. So I am able to send students there to complete tests or assignments or take a mental break if needed. 

Before the year start, I need to analyze my data from last year and set some personal goals. Also, I need to gather my stuff I plan to take back into the new classroom. Overall, I am excited to see what new things I will embark with my new babies. I plan to continue to check on my old babies too. 

Now it is time for me to pull out my sale papers to go school shopping! 


  1. It sounds like you love what you do! This is great! What grade do you teach high school?


  2. I know teaching is something I was destined to do. Growing up, teaching was always on the top of my list as a career choice. I let family members talk me out of majoring in education. However, in my other career, I was constantly "teaching". I kept being tugged in that direction and made the change last year.

    This school year, I have ninth graders all day! Pray for me...LOL!


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