Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

Its the weeeeekend Baby!! Nothing too much but everything is going on. Just some of my random thoughts

  • This is my last weekend before I return to work. I am going back a week before I initially thought. Because I started in the middle of the school year, I did not attend the new (to the county) teacher training. So, summer is officially over :(
  • I have not finished reading any books this summer. I thought I would read at least 5. I really need to work on that. I have started 4 different books. I just need to step away from FB, Twitter, and Tivo. 
  • Finally, I started working out yesterday. It was not too bad. I am just a little sore. But if I was not, then what did I accomplished?
  • This is the last basketball tourney this weekend before the boys are off to Orlando. Then I get my weekends back! YAY!!!
  • I completed some items on my to-do list yesterday. I need to knock out the rest today.
  • Couponing! I need to cut and organize my coupons and start strategizing for back to school supplies. Not only do I need to restock Baby Bandit's school supply stash, I need to plan for the approximately 130 students. So that is extra pencils, paper, protractors, and calculators. 
  • I want to determine what books I want to have in my classroom library. I like to keep a few books (not math related) the kids can pick up and thumb through. They love my motivational minute book. I need to find a few more of them.
  • I have gained too much weight this summer. Two months later, I can't fit comfortably in my school/work clothes. I refuse to buy any either!
  • I need to finish paying off this month's bills and start my ZBB - zero base budget for August. 
  • I plan to tackle the garage in the next week. Most of the stuff thrown in there are things going back into my classroom. 
  • I just received information for Sporty Girl Fitness Reality TV Casting Call. Some people may get offended but I see it as love. The person who sent it knows I need motivation to get this weight off. I hope I did not sign up too late. 
Now it is time for me to handle my business. What's on your mind?


  1. Whats is zero base budget ?

    I need to sit down and finalize these moving plans.

    I need to plan for school shopping and packing eck.

    My nerves are on edge about this job.

    I need to knock some so work out.

  2. @Moe, Zero Base Budget is a budgeting technique taught by Dave Ramsey. It is a budget that you give every penny a name. That means everything. I have line items such as blow money, my son's sports, vacations, clothes, restaurant eating vs grocery store. EVERYTHING!

    The budget is done monthly. Email me and I can give you some spreadsheets I use


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