Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Adventures - Friday

This is the first weekend in quite a long time I have absolutely no mommy, big sister, daughter, auntie duties! It almost looks foreign..LOL. Baby Bandit is gone to Florida for a family reunion with his dad. Keeping a relationship with his other side of the family has been important to me (hey another blog posting...yeah me). My nephews went back home earlier this week. So it just leaves me all alone for a long weekend.

I finished my mommy duties with taking Baby Bandit to the DMV to get his driving temps. Now he can legally drive with someone in the car! He put on FB a conversation he had with his sister:  
BB sis: you can drive now 
BB: yea 
BB's sis: so no more running into fences...-_-.  
Classic! I told him she may not even remember that conversation 10 years from now. I will give that backdrop story another day.

So Friday night I met my a few of my line sisters at Cafe d'Circa. It is part of reviving the Old 4th Ward.The atmosphere is definitely for the grown and sexy. The crowd was mature and it was a good mix of men and women. During my people watch, I saw couples out on dates, group dates, girls' night out, guys' night out, and people just unwinding for the weekend. I need to start taking pictures on a regular basis, but I was not thinking. I needed LadyLee there. She would have remember to snap, snap, and snap some more pictures.

I went to the website to give you an idea of the place. This is a picture of the area we started the night. Lights were dim and we just enjoyed talking and catching up. The shoe game was on fiyah! Serenity you would have loved it!

Later we went to the rooftop. The inside was crowded but the rooftop was packed. People literally standing for a good bit for a seat. Many people stood in small groups and socialize until a seat became available.

Three T's
These ladies have been in my life for close to twenty years. Gadget Girl and I were dorm mates and friends before we pledged DST a few years later. Tinkerbell and I have been close since 92. We bonded over Ohio State football and being from the Buckeye State. Both of us come from big and opinionated families.Even though she lives in another state, we have managed to be there for each other during our trials and victories.

I.S.I.S. (A-Sweets) and DST line sisters

We have created some great memories over the years. They started with many nights on that hard hardwood floors at Reggie's apartment. That bond had led us to and through so many experiences:  football games, MBC, homecomings, graduations, 1st apartments, parties, pledging Delta, dating, marriage, children, divorces, advance degrees, heartbreaks, and relocations. You name it, we have been there to share and be supportive through the moments.                                                                                                                                                                         
Finally a pose Dancing Diva approved
I love this tattoo. Many of my line sisters got this tattoo for our 1st Deltaversary. Unfortunately, I was pregnant, so I could not get one. I believe I would have bitten the bullet and got one. I never got that one. In fact, I never gotten any. Two main reasons is the pain. I am not a fan of pain, especially intentionally. The other reason is vanity. What the heck are they going to look like when the wrinkles start and skin sag.                                                                          

GG and DD


  1. Cute blog Tiff!!

  2. This was a wonderful weekend in the "A" I Thank God for our sisterhood, friendship and bond! We have been through some things and we have always been there to nurture, love and support one another and for that I'm Thankful!

    Sprinkling Blessings of Pixie Dust to U!


  3. I don't have a tattoo either. And for the same reasoning. It looks like y'all had a blast. It's funny now that I've stopped buying shoes, I hardly look at shoes. It's like it's gone to the back of my mind. Now if I see a HOT pair, then I'll drool but I don't think about shoes very often. I had a wonderful weekend as well!


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