Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bucket List

Do you remember the movie Bucket List from 2007 with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? Did you ever watch it?


I never watched it from start to finish, but I have watched bits and pieces of it. For those of you who never seen or heard of it, the movie is based on two men completely different from each other in so many ways. They are cancer patients reluctantly sharing a hospital room. Freeman's character creates a bucket list but throws it away. Later, Nicholson's character finds it and insist THEY complete it together. He even adds a few to the list. Its a great feel good movie. Put it in your movie rotation.

Now why am I talking about this movie? Lately, I have heard several people talk about their bucket list. Over the last couple of years, many of my friends have taken up skydiving! Yes these people are jumping out of the sky!


Everyone have stated it is an exhilarating experience. I am not sure if I am going to pick that one up. However, based on their stories, it is a possibility!

When I think of bucket lists, I think of great experiences such as skydiving, bungy jumping, climbing Mt Everest. But the more I think about it, my bucket list is anything I wanted to accomplish before I "kicked the bucket". It does not have to mean anything to anyone else....JUST ME. A bucket list is a fancy name for listing my goals. And guess what? I have been striking things off of that list from the day I set my first goal as a little girl!

Some things off of my bucket list:
  • Going to college
  • Earning my degree
  • Buying my first car
  • Buying my first home
  • Becoming a teacher (1st childhood dream/goal/desire I can remember)
  • Going on a cruise
  • Becoming a dancer (childhood accomplishment)
  • Shooting a gun
  • Going to Barbados (childhood dream)
  • Create my own artwork 
  • Having multiple careers (insurance, real estate, and teaching)
Some things still on my bucket list:
  • Going to Vegas
  • Seeing a Broadway show
  • Earning a Master's degree (will accomplish this December)
  • Getting married
  • Traveling abroad (Australia and Africa)
  • Visiting each state
  • Visiting each country in the Western Hemisphere
  •  Teaching at a college
  • Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  • Being financially free (meaning no debt including a mortgage)
  • Salsa dancing
  • Learning how to wear make-up (Serenity can you help a sista out!)
  • Become a financial coach
Possible bucket list additions:
  • Skydiving
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Take and complete a kick boxing class
  • Take marital arts classes
  • Become a fitness trainer
What is on your bucket list? Do you even have one? Take time to create one and then start making an effort to create the memories by doing the things on your list. 

Do you need some getting started? Google it or here are a few to give you some ideas. 
I am looking forward to reading about your lists. I might even add it to my list.


  1. **waves** Finally found your blog lol. I need to make a bucket list lol.

  2. **waves** Hey Adrienne. I am glad you found me! Now start that list...LOL I would love to hear what is on it. It may give me some ideas.

  3. I need to start a bucket list as well. I never thought about doing on because I had 20 before 30 list. A bucket list may be what I need to strecth my mind.

    Question with being a financial coach what all would you have to do? That seems intersting.

  4. @Moe, a financial coach can encompass many things: budgetting, finding a better job, getting training, extra income, multiple streams of income, minimizing expenses, reducing debt, investing (stocks, real estate, etc). I would want to work with people just starting out with learning how to manage money and avoid/eliminate debt

  5. LOL! Bucket List...I think I'll do that on my blog...I need to after whining last week :D.


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