Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in Review - Part 1

There are 2 days left in this year. I think this is a great time to look back at my 2014. I will create another post on the lessons I learned or was reinforced.


January started the year off rough. Every week there was at least one of my friends losing someone close to them including one of my sorors losing her daughter in a car accident. I just remembering praying for the death to stop. Logically I knew it had to end, but emotionally I was READY for it to end. Literally, I started praying that death in all forms (natural, marriages, relationships) would cease.

That same month I was dealing with my own personal health issue. I had a mammogram at the end of 2013. A mass was discovered and more tests were required to see if it was cancerous. Initially, I was fine, but as the days stretched out, I started to have doubt creep into my mind. I tried to keep busy and not focus on it. I never told Man-Child because I didn't want him to worry unnecessarily, especially since he was away at college.

The hardest part was all the confirmation appointments. Once the mass was originally found, they wanted me to get another mammogram with an ultrasound. Once those results came back confirming the mammogram, I needed to make another appointment with a surgeon for a confirmation ultrasound. Once I met with the surgeon he confirmed the results of the 1st ultrasound with another one, then you guess it....another appointment. This appointment was to perform a biopsy. Here is what he used on me.

This ordeal lasted about 6 weeks since I got the first bit of news the week before Christmas and couldn't get the next appointment until after the New Year. Initially, I only told my mother. As time passed, I told a few more people. One of the people I told was my good friend LadyLee. The same day I was told to contact a breast surgeon, she blogged about her experience with a abnormal mammogram. It took her over 6 months to share her story. I know it was God who orchestrated that posting. LadyLee had been debating on when she was going to write about it. She literally posted it less than an before I checked her blog that day. I hadn't been to it in over a week. God made sure it was there right when I needed it. 

I called her immediately. She was more than happy to share with me her experience in more detailed including her doctor and how he answered all of her million questions. (Lee is a trained chemist. As a scientist, she had many questions.) I asked for his name. Now, I already said this was orchestrated this experience. Her doctor was one of three names/facilities I was given. Based on her experience, I called and scheduled my appointment. 

During this month, I did tell a few of my sorors who are more like family to me. They fussed at me for confiding in them sooner, but I felt we were dealing with enough stress with burying another soror's daughter and another soror's daughter was having surgery to remove her cancerous cells from her knee. Therefore, I didn't want to add any additional stress to them. They fussed but understood. They offered to go to my remaining appointments, but I hate to be a burden on anyone. I told them I was good. After the last ultrasound, I treated myself to lunch. 

All of a sudden, I burst into tears. I didn't do the ugly cry, but the tears were flowing as I sat at the table. All I wanted to do was cancel my order, get in my car, and cry my heart out. All of a sudden, it hit me that I could possibly have breast cancer. I tried to enjoy my lunch but I couldn't. When I made it back to my car, I sat there and prayed to God that I would not have breast cancer. However, I would fight it with everything in me if it was the case. I was quickly reminded of those close to me who kicked cancer's a$$. If that was my fate, then I would too! I called Scooby who is a two time cancer survivor. She gave me some encouraging words and offered to go with me to my biopsy. I told her LadyLee had already agreed to go. She replied, "Don't be surprise if she is sitting in the waiting room." Our conversation put me at ease and reminded me that even though I don't have biological family here. I do have a family here that will be there for me. The love and support I received from my friends are invaluable. I continue to be grateful for them. 

There were two more appointments left. The next one was the actual biopsy. That is when a needle with a syringe is placed inside the mass and pull/drain part of it out. Then it is sent off to determine if the mass is cancerous. In the middle off all of these appointments was the Snowstorm 2014! The city was shut down for a few days. This caused a delay for my results. Even though it was only another business day, it felt like eternity. Another friend, SoulSinger, accompanied me for the results. Headed there, I felt at peace. I knew that whatever the results were, I would be alright. I was covered. 


I was so thankful for it. I immediately called my mom and the handful of people who knew about my ordeal. That was the best news to start the month of February! 


  1. Thank you for sharing, that was very deep and personal. I am glad that your ok, and I will always have plenty prayers available for you and your family

  2. So glad it was negative!!! I'm glad to see you posting :)

    1. Thank you. I am really going to try to do better with blogging.

  3. Awww Bandit... I remember that time. It seems like when you're told something like that, everything just STOPS. And it crowds your mind. I was glad to share my experience with you. It is a constant reminder of a verse of scripture I read last night in Corinthians... Not only does God see you through your troubles, but He sends you along someone else's side to help them in their troubles too. Ain't it the truth!

    If I don't get to talk to you, Happy New Year :)

    1. Aint that the truth! And I am grateful He sent you. Now He is using me to help another woman.

      Hopefully I will see you on Saturday (I think)

  4. I'm happy it was negative. I understand not sharing the news right away. Everyone doesn't have your faith and you don't want their doubts creeping in. Happy this is a good story and all is well.

    1. Exactly, and I don't like worrying people unnecessarily.

  5. Thank you for sharing part of your life's worry, your struggle, and your fight and because of your faith and belief in God, who you know is a healer, had/has your back and will deliver in time and on time. I hope your testimony will inspire, not just women, but also men as well. You are truly blessed to being a blessing. Thank you....and continue to be blessed.


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