Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Purpose Driven Life Day 8 - Planned for God's Pleasure

I highlighted so much in this chapter. I was planned for his pleasure! That is the greatest purpose ever. Now what do I do with that? The best answer I have right now is to live for Him and not for man(family, friends, husband/man, coworkers, bosses, etc). 

Pleasing God is worshiping Him in all that we do. Many people (I am guilty of it too) reserve worship to Sunday morning service and Bible study. Worship is more than just singing and/or moving to our favorite worship music. If we are truly living our purpose, we are acknowledging Him in everything we do. I love the analogy Warren gave about falling in love with his wife. That is how we are suppose to fall in love with Jesus...thinking about him constantly. 

Keys from Planned for God's Pleasure:

-Bringing pleasure to God is called "worship". Worship is far more than ceremonies, candles, healings, miracles, prayer, music. It is a lifestyle.

- Worship is far more than music. Every part of the service is worship. Anything that is offeredd to God in spirit and truth is an act of worship.

- Worship is not for your benefit but for God's. Our motive is to bring glory and pleasure to Him. God is not pleased or glorified when we do it out of tradition instead of passion and commitment.

-Worship is not PART of your life; it IS your life. Praise should be the 1st and last thing we do EVERY DAY. Every activity we perform should be an act of worship.*****This is where I was really convicted*****

Question to Consider: What common task could I start doing as if I were doing it directly to Jesus?

The first thing that came to my mind (and it was immediate) is my job. If I can change my focus to teaching for Jesus, I can be a more effective teacher. Now I know this change is easier said than done, but I am going to sincerely apply this mindset change.

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