Sunday, November 27, 2011

Disorganization and Procrastination

I have been off kilter for a minute. I am not really sure why or what's the problem. I don't like complaining especially if I don't know why. I really have been thinking about it since I have been on break. I realized my life has become very disorganized and I have taken procrastination to a new level. Therefore, I decided to have my goals and vision board focus on those 2 main areas. With them being the main goals, every other goal needs organization and for me not to procrastinate to achieve it.

I know I need tools to assist me in reaching my goals. Since I am a life learner, I have researched and found some useful information and resources over the years. To help me with organization, I plan to incorporate some of the core principles of FlyLady.

Her motto is you can do anything for 15 minutes. She really speaks to taking baby steps and jumping in where you are. You can not undo yesterday. Just take 15 minutes at a time and you will eventually get it done. She has routines for almost everything. There's a morning routine, evening routine, holiday season daily assignment/routine. There are step by step routines and ways to get everyone in the household involve with keeping the house in order and schedules in line. I use to subscribe to her daily emails, but I became overwhelmed. I just checked out Flylady's website. It has been redesigned but still have all the foundational  necessities.  Between Flylady and creating lists, I should be able to get organized.

Well as long as I don't....procrastinate - my other major area of improvement. Which I have been doing all day. I have been writing this blog all day. I still have not started grading papers, writing my lesson plans for the week, creating bell ringer worksheets, or   entering grades. Let alone the stuff at home like unpacking from my trip home, cleaning my room and bathroom, cooking dinner, or start cleaning out the extra bedroom. Its after 5PM, so I guess alot of it won't get done today. Well, there is always tomorrow and I can go do something for 15 minutes!

Have you started thinking about your goals for the next year? How do you combat disorganization and procrastination?


  1. I have to go to that website ASAP. I always try to eat the elephant in one bite...not a good thing. I need something to help me get more organized.

  2. I did this when I first became a stay home mom. CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

  3. The Green Eyed BanditNovember 28, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    @ Bayoucreole, ***WARNING WARNING WARNING*** don't try to digest the website in one sitting! LOL I had to take baby steps with it too. It suggest with just having a clean sink at night. Then build from there. It sounds silly, but it works!

    @Adrienne, I really need to embrace it.


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