Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 5 Challenge - 6 Places I Want to Go

Today's challenge is places I want to go. Hmm, I have not thought about it for some time. So here goes.

1. Hawaii - Who does not want to go there?

2. Australia - Baby-Bandit (Or Man-child) went to Australia a few years ago. It was a great opportunity. I would love to visit too. He enjoyed it so much he wants to go back.

3. African Safari - No explanation needed

4. Vegas - I think I am the only person over 30 who has never been. I am not a gambler but now Vegas has so much more to do.

5. Cali and Houston - To spend some quality time with my aunts

6. All 50 states - It would be cool to travel state to state on an educational and fun trip. Not sure how long it would take but it would be fun.


  1. Don't worry girl...I haven't been to Vegas either. You will probably go before I will!

  2. I plan to go one day. However, my agenda will be so different from the average person. I want to catch shows, go see the Grand Canyon, eat, and people watch. I don't need the clubs or the casino.


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