Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 4 Challenge - 7 Wants

Day 4's challenge is wants. A want is a desire. Many people confuse a want with a need. The only thing we need is shelter, water, food, clothing, and love. Everything else is a want. The degree of want can come real close to a need.

My 7 Wants

1. A ranch home on a finished and furnished basement.

2. The right husband for me. I hear about women needing a husband. I am content with not having a husband. I have been single for so long I have become accustom to it. I would love to have someone to share my life with especially after Baby Bandit leaves for college in 2 years.

3. Financial security

4. Children to have parents who really want, provide, educate, and discipline them.

5. Children who want to learn

6. My son's college education paid for without either one of us stressing about the bill. I have NO intentions of paying for it or him taking out a loan. I just don't want to stress getting it done.

7. My mom to live in the same city as me.

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