Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 6 Challenge- 5 Foods

5 Foods....Should I list 5 foods I hate, 5 foods that I love, 5 types of food, the first five foods that come to mind. Hmmm.

 Five Foods I love

1.  Polish boys - I know many of you have never heard of a Polish Boy, but my Cleveland folks know it. It is a polish sausage/kielbasa deep fried or grilled. It is then placed in a bun and covered with french fries, cole slaw, and sauce. I know the combination does not sound good, but every person I know who doubted it, loves it. I have requests all the time for it. In addition, it made national news by being a feature on the Wendy Williams Show

2. Georgia Mud Blizzard - This is by far the best blizzard ever! I am not a DQ fan, but I get this every time I go there. It is chocolate ice cream with brownies, fudge, and pecan nuts. Umm Umm Umm. 

3. Brownies - This is my all time favorite dessert. If you want to win me over, bring me some brownies. I love a variety of them: cream cheese, brownies with nuts on top, brownies with nuts in them, carmel get the point! The only brownies I don't like are the ones with German chocolate icing because I hate coconut.

4. Strawberries - This is my all-time favorite fruit. Unfortunately, over the last few years, I have developed  an allergic reaction to them. Talking about being upset! I use to eat a pint at work during peak season. It took me a few times of my face swelling up to realize it was strawberries. Now I eat a few of them very rarely. As soon as I feel my face tingling, I stop. I was so upset I could not enjoy them at my last cookout.

5. Corned Beef - Corned Beef is not a sandwich reserved to my hometown but it is nothing like how we do it. The sandwich is huge and juicy! Every time I go home, I have to get one.

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