Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Secrets

The 1st day challenge is listing 10 secrets. I debating how personal I wanted to get with the secrets. I debated so much I have been resisting. I am not sure what secrets I want to reveal. I am not sure if some people could handle it...LOL

Here goes:
1. I took modern dance classes for over 10 years and taught for 7 years.
2. I secretly wished I could sing and dance. I know that totally contradict the 1st secret.
3. I only have rhythm when I am drunk. Umm....ask my twin or college roommate about that one...LOL
4. I wished I was more of a risk taker and went against the grain.
5. I had my first drink in the 8th grade. The starters were promised a B &J cooler for every basketball game we won. That season we won every game! LOL The year before we lost every game. Talking about motivation. mom still does not know that secret!
6. There are a few guys who have my attention but I am old fashion or chicken to let them know.
7. I did not have many fights growing up because I intimidated people with my bark or my crazy family.
8. I have two more brothers and another sister by my father.
9. I had 2 college boyfriends. I don't mention the 1st one since most people did not know about him.
10. I was arrested when I was 18.

Whew! This was much harder than I thought.

Stay tune for the next one!


  1. Good secrets! I'm not even going to ask about that jail vacay. LOL

  2. @Serenity, all I have to say is I WAS INNOCENT. INNOCENT I SAY...LOL. I will probably tell that story one day.

    My sister ran into the other person arrested with me yesterday. She was 2 at the time of the incident. The person told her she was a mean little girl. Her reply was I still am!

  3. Arrested??? Arrested!!!

    Lawd have mercy, didn't know I was friends with a prisoner!

    I can't hang with you no more! You bad news! LOL


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