Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 18 - My Favorite Birthday

I am not caring for all these "favorite" posts. I few favorites and birthdays are not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my birthdays every year. Most years, I am not celebrating on the actual day but I do celebrate it every year some kind of way.

Your birthday is the time to celebrate a new year of life and a reflection on your years on earth. Since my birthday is in June, this is a great time for my midyear calendar review/checkpoint. I use it as a time to assess where I am with my goals and improvements for the year. Then I reset or continue pushing towards those goals.

Since I don't have a favorite birthday, I will share some memorable birthday moments/times:

A few years ago, LadyLee blogged about our friendship for my birthday. It was one of the greatest gifts ever! I like material gifts just like the next girl, but I love gifts which requires thought whether it is material in nature or not. That year, I spent my birthday at a book club meeting followed by about 10 of us from the meeting going out to a early dinner. Lee made me some of her famous chocolate chip cookies. Since Baby Bandit's birthday is 2 days before mine, she sent him his own batch.

The year before, I spent my birthday with another fabulous Gemini. My best male friend Loco's wife and I share the same birthdate. I am literally hours older than her. We both worked that day, but we met up at Taco Mac to start the weekend celebration. Some of her coworkers and friends met us there. We spent a few hours there before moving to the next spot. We finished the night at a Latin club where I attempted to learn how to salsa...LOL

The birthday before last, I had a cookout at the house. No need for me to blog about it. LadyLee took care of it for me. Click this.

Last year, I celebrated for about a week. That was about the time I started this blog. I had a few friends over for a cookout and my mom was in town to pick up 2 of my nephews. I celebrated some more when a couple of my line sisters were in town. Click on the links to read about the weekend celebration. Friday and Saturday

This year I am planning to celebrate 40 years in 40 days. I have started compiling a list of things to do. I am celebrating from June 1st through July 10th. It works great with my school calendar and BB's AAU basketball schedule. I just saw the schedule for the team. There are no games in June and the 1st tourney in July is after my celebrations.

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  1. GEB, that's a great idea! I'll be 50 next year...I should celebrate 50 years in 50 days! I bet that would be so much fun!


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