Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 13 - My Week

Ok....I just seem not to be able to finish this post. SO....I am going to finish it now. I had quick notes for each of those days. This is from the last week in Jan.

I started this post a couple of weeks ago but never finished. So I guess I have to start over with a new week. I guess it is for the best because that week was not the best and I was very bothered, irritated, and upset. That is not what I really want when I go back to read my posts. Like my girl Lee says, "I life to keep it smurfy around these parts."

Saturday - I finally went to the bank to get a new debit card. Apparently, I lost it the 1st week of the year. I needed to get some cash and stop by the store for some snacks. We had 3 games later that afternoon in Jones County. I learned the day before I can't ride the big yellow bus unless my stomach stays on full! That motion sickness is no joke!

Later, I rode the bus with the JV boys and both varsity teams to Jones County. Unfortunately, both boys teams lost by a bucket. The girls struggled too but managed to pull off the win. None of them played their best game. During halftime and in between games, I was able to grade most of my tests from Friday! Love it! I hate grading papers.

On the ride home, I noticed a had a missed phone call and a message on FB from someone. I called her back. She was calling to apologize for possibly offending me by one of her messages on FB. I thought it was a great gesture to reach out to me. I was not offended by her posting nor did I feel slighted. I am glad she reached out to me though. That lets me know she values our relationship.

Sunday - Nothing major stands out. Just a leisurely day at home watching tv and getting ready for the work week.

Monday - Work

Tuesday - I had a break to the normal week routine. I had a training for the new math curriculum GA is rolling out next school year. Definitely a short work day since I did not have to report early or stay late for any reason and the training center is 2 miles from the house.

Baby Bandit stayed home sick with some type of virus. It started on Monday. It was so obvious on Monday that a few teachers and his coach checked up on him. He came home, ate dinner, then slept for 14 hours straight. I came home for lunch from training to wake him up to take some medicine and eat. He begged to go to practice but both momma and coach told him to stay home, do his homework from the night before and rest. He fell right back to sleep.

Wednesday - Back to the grind. My kids missed me. I think it is more so they had a sub they could not run over. LOL! BB went to school against my better judgement. He struggled most of the day. He needed a 2nd day of rest. He crashed the middle of the day. He literally went to sleep in 3 of his classes. His coach told him to skip practice and catch up on his missing work and rest. BB wished he would have stayed home for the day.

I started teaching my class after-school for students who did not pass the 1st semester. They are trying to recover the missing credit. The students are allowed to test out. Unfortunately, none of the lovely geniuses passed it.

Thursday - Scheduled to be a long day. I had a meeting girls jv tourney game/meeting for house late work conversation on gifted kids

Friday - The day was a typical work day. Nothing unusual. Friday night's game was against Union Grove at home. All the teams played well and we pulled out the win. Love my Bulldogs!!!!

Saturday - I really wanted to go to the Battle of the Bands. However, the week was hectic and I needed to handle some business. I finally made some progress in my office/spare room. I can see the floor now! I finally put all the summer shoes in the closet and threw away some unnecessary papers. Then I did what I do most Saturday nights....had a date with my TIVO!

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