Monday, June 26, 2017

Vision Goal - African American Museums

One of the goals on the Vision Wall is to visit at least 5 African American museums in the 45th year of life. Immediately, I thought of three I could visit with some ease. There's the fairly new Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum in Atlanta. I've been wanting to visit it since it opened. There's the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. I've told myself that I would stop on one of my rides home, but never did it. It's a must! Then there's the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. I plan to make it a weekend when I visit Man-Child at school.

As I was discussing my wall with one of my friends, she mentioned the center in Macon. That is not too far from me and we have another friend who lives there. It is the Tubman Museum. If I remember correctly, my friend in Macon mentioned it as well. So that means it's time for a trip to Macon. I probably will head there in September. 

There are a few places I would love to revisit for a renewed appreciation. There is the Apex Museum and the Hammonds House both in Atlanta. I don't think I have visited either place since I graduated from college. I need to change it. In fact, I need to spend the day just exploring that area of town all over again. I was in the area on Saturday and made the comment to my line sister. We needed to be tourists right there in all that history. I could visit more than 5 historical sites just in a 5 mile radius of our meeting place. 

As I was creating this blog, I googled and found a great list of museums if you are interested. You may have a gem in your own backyard to explore. Or you may even find a reason to visit a nearby city.  

Just for my Dancing Diva, I have a timeframe for this goal. I plan to complete this one in the 3rd quarter. So, check on me by September 30th! 

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