Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrating Sportsmanship and Country Pride through the Olympics

                It’s time again! It’s time to celebrate the Olympics and all the great feelings that come with it. The Opening Ceremonies are the official start to the Olympic Games. This year’s Opening Ceremonies were held last night in London, England. Watching the delegates/athletes walk out with their flags brought me a sense of pride.  
                While watching the Opening Ceremonies, several people were committing on Facebook and Twitter about their excitement and anticipation of their home country performing well in particular events. Many people talked about rooting for a particular underdog team.  One particular friend even encouraged other parents to expose their children to less popular sports in the United States. For instance, she plans to expose her children to badminton, lacrosse, and table tennis.

                There are 204 countries being represented. Some countries have as little as two people competing with their country’s hopes of gold riding on them. The United States have over 500 athletes representing us. I am looking forward to cheering our teams on gold and celebrating their victories.

                How do you celebrate the Olympics?

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  1. Yes! I love the Olympics!! I really love the personal stories of how these athletes' trails and triumphs. Many just warm my heart and make me root for them even harder. Stories like Cullen Jones who almost drown as a kid and now he is one of the US fastest freestyle swimmers. How he now tries to promote swimming among African Americans. Or Boyd Martin who experienced such great lost when his stable caught fire and he was only able to save a few horses. To him bringing one of the horse that survive the fire that he had originally saved from slaughter for $900 to the Olympics. AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!! If I could take off work and just watch everything I would. My DVR is my very good friend. :)


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