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Day 7 - My Best Friend

Once again I am tempted to just link a previous post such as Supportive Friends. It talks about different friends and groups of friends, including my best friend from childhood. As an adult, I have never had a best friend. Part of the reason is because I am a person who rarely have a favorite this or best that. I like different things for different reasons; therefore, I don't have them. This is so true for friends. I am honest enough to admit various people have different purposes/reasons/meanings in one's life. For instance, I am a confidant for some, a ear and shoulder for others, a counselor, a bank, and a teacher. Depending on the the person, my role changes and vice versa.

So with that in mind. I will talk about my best friend for childhood, Melita Monique. HA! She is going to kill me for putting her government name out into the cyber world. She has gone by Nikki practically all her life. I remember her changing the spelling of her name several times but the last time was to fit into the Roxanne song when she says...The R-O-X-A-N-N-E, Roxanne is who I be. Neickkie changed her spelling and would rap her name instead of Roxanne's. Hilarious.

The following is red has been copied and pasted from Supportive Friends.

Twin - We have been friends since childhood. We were in Catholic schools together and enjoyed some many memories. She has all of my teenage secrets and know where all the bodies are buried...LOL. She has been there through many firsts - 1st basketball team, 1st boyfriend, 1st drink, 1st car, 1st heartbreak, 1st home, 1st curfew violation, and some many things I am not revealing in black and white! We did almost everything together as teenagers! Since my sisters were younger, Twin was my sister! We were together so much she had her own room at my house! However, most of the time we were in the same room. 

I can't remember when we started calling each other "Twin" but we had our stories down pack! We are 18 days apart. SO we said we were 18 minutes apart. When people ask why we did not look alike. We told the truth on that one. I said, "I look like my Daddy!" and she will say, "I look like my Momma!" LOL! That was the truth!!

I remember getting into bars and lying about our age. I think that was the only time I lied about my age. One time, the bouncer/person at the door tried to catch us. We had memorized my aunt's DOB to get into the bar when we were 18. We went in without a purse because if you have a purse, then you should have ID.  Always thinking it through. So the man at the door asked for ID.  I told him we left it in the car with our purses. He asked us to go get it. Then I said, if my twin and I go back to the car, we will get in the car to go to the bar down the street. That got him thinking. He asked what was our birthdays. I said Oct 25 and gave whatever year got us in to the bar. We always had to change the year depending on the club age requirements. Then he looked at Neickkie and asked her when was her birthday. I went off. LOL! I said if she is my twin wouldn't she have the same birthday?! If this is the caliber of guys in here, we definitely need to go to another bar. LOL!!!! I was a mess! He let us in with no problem. He kept apologizing!

I remember a time when we got into so much trouble in 9th grade. The school had us seeing the counselor once a week. We would sit and plot the stories we were going to tell her. Our "troubled ways" were being talkative and opinionated. The school was not use to little Black girls not being afraid to express ourselves anytime we felt the need. The funny thing is our "troubled ways" only caused us to get an occasional detention. We were never suspended or even being expelled. Today's teachers would love for us to be their biggest problem. Academically, I was at the top of the class. I was 1 of only 2 Black students in all honor classes and was an A student. I just very talkative and hated wearing regular shoes with the uniforms. I thought my tennis shoes were quite appropriate with the green uniform skirt!  

We don't see or talk to each other nearly as much as we want to. But when we do, it is as if we never missed a beat! Every time I go home, we talk for hours like teenagers again. Even though we live hundreds of miles apart and do not get to see each other nearly as much as we want, she is never far from my heart.

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  1. That is a true friend. Really enjoyed reading your post.

    Tiffany(MBC, DST)
    Signed Anonymous because didn't have the other accounts.


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