Monday, February 2, 2015

2014 in Review - Visions and Strutting 2014

I am not going to have 12 different posts on 2014. The beginning of the year was just adventurous. The next few posts will cover a few more things in a post.

In March, I hosted a couple of vision board parties. I facilitated one for my church Women's Ministry and another one with sistah friends.

There was one vision board virgin in the group of friends. She literally put on her board she wanted to go to Hawaii for her birthday later that month. She hadn't started planning it, but that was what she wanted to do. Guess what? She did it!

The ironic thing is I never completed a vision board for 2014. I vow to make one this year.

Another major event in March was the STRUT Awards. It is an awards program that honors regular women doing extrtaordinary things. The weekend is filled with events to empower, uplift women and young ladies. Women are recognized for their passion, drive, vision, compassion, and selflessness. 2014 was the year for teachers and yours truly was humbled to be one of the honorees.

Keisha Pooler gave the attendees an amazing free style poetic work. She literally had random people give her words and she weaved each word into a remarkable poem. I really wished I had recorded it. 

The Art of Zion dance troupe performed a soul stirring dance that had everyone up on their feet. Many could not believe the talent of these middle and high school ladies. These ladies could easily be the next generation for Alvin Ailey! 

The night ended with ladies strutted, shared, networked, empowered, and poured into one another. Great night for all! 

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