Saturday, July 5, 2014

Random Thoughts....AGAIN

It seems like I can't create post unless it random thoughts. So here goes!!

  1. Ummm the 1st sentence in this post is a random thought. LOL!
  2. This year has been filled with death. I do mean in the natural kind.  I knew at least one person who died each week for the first 6 weeks. Now it seems like it is picking up again. In the last month 3 people have died from some form of cancer or another. 
  3. We really need to take better care of ourselves and our love ones. Present company included. I am starting a boot camp on Monday to kick start my healthy living lifestyle change. I refuse to have to take medicine when I can prevent it from happening. I am glad I have some accountability partners. 
  4. I really really really need to create my vision board. I have been so busy helping others with theirs that I still don't have mine done.
  5. 3 weeks. That is all I have off this summer if I skip a week of training scheduled this month before school starts back at the end of the month. I really need a true vacation! 
  6. My barber is not really getting what I want as a hair cut. I am going to give him 1 more time to get it right. Its still cute but 
  7. There are so many trips I want to take next year with different groups. I need another full time job just to afford all of them. There is cruise with my bible study group, a Vegas trip with my line sisters, an all inclusive trip with my TC peeps, Essence with my bible study group and a trip with the Man-Child. 
  8.  My small circle of friends push me pass my comfort zone. I am grateful for them. The things we come up with and the multiple conversations going on at the same time are insane sometimes. Its funny because we are able to follow them all.
  9. Authentic friendships are the best.
  10. I am still chewing on the message my pastor gave on Wednesday. I was convicted. His question was "are you touching and agreeing with someone for something that is good or bad?" He gave the example of you dapping up your friend and saying there are no good women out here. And you are responding with "ain't that the truth" or something else similar to it. Why do we do that?
  11. Man-Child is growing and changing. Our relationship is too. We both have some more adapting to do where that is concern. 
  12. I have to find other streams of income. I have a few things in mind. I just need to get focus and make it happen. Details coming soon.
  13. I had a conversation with some ladies about reinforcing positive images and messages to our youngsters. There are many children who do not hear "You are smart." or "You are beautiful" often or even at all. Today we agreed to start "You are beautiful" campaign. You can join too. Tell those around you how beautiful, smart, handsome, resourceful, thoughtful...insert any other positive adjective word. 

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