Sunday, October 7, 2012

GEB Through the Eyes of Others

Disclaimer: I started this post over a year ago. I was determined to finish it.

As part of this getting to know me challenge, I thought it would be interesting to see me through the eyes of others. One of my dearest friends, Lee has written many posts about my family or me. The quickest way for me to get it to you, is to just add her links from the different posts.

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New Year's 2010

A snippet from Lee's blog
Sunday. First of all, I checked my phone, and there were like, 5 missed calls. My phone was on vibrate and in the bottom of my laptop bag. No, I don't have my phone stuck to my ear at all times. I could care less about my phone.

The Green Eyed Bandit had been calling. That broad know she know how to blow a phone completely up! And she KNOWS that if the phone is not next to me within reach, I won't be answering it.

Call my house phone, gal!!! Dang!!

Her answer is always "I don't care. I'll just keep calling."

She has to be one of the most tenacious broads I know!

She didn't want anything. Just to check on me. And she's my FFF group leader, so I know she was trying to make sure I hadn't jumped ship and bought a shiny new Lexus or booked a trip to some beautiful beach. She encouraged me to pay off my debt.

And I know she had her fist balled up and ready to come through that phone and punch me in my face if I said otherwise.


No Ma. I haven't gone out and bought that Lexus I want so BADLY. (Not yet, anyway. These bills better come on in. That's all I gotta say about that!)

Then there was a Facebook game about a year ago.  The game was you inbox a number to a friend then they posted your number and with their impression of you. I decided to send my number to one of my friends who was playing. His response was "the 1st thing I noticed about you when we met in college was your inner strength. You have no neutral gear. If you are for someone or something, you are all in for them or it. You are honest to a fault and I love you for it."
I remember thinking he knew me pretty well and we did not have the same inner circle. I chuckled because I am truly an open book.

Last week, I decided I was going to finish some of the posts I started. So I posted a message on FB for my friends to give either their 1st impression or their current impression of me. Therefore, the next few statements are from my FB friends. Most of them are college Another friend stated, you are a good friend to have and easy to talk to. You are very sexy and don't look your age. One must be careful or they might start to develop strong feelings for you. 

A college friend said,  My first impresson of you is back in the day at MBC. I thought you were "mean"! LOL! You had that no nonsense look!!! LOL But you a hella cool chic! You know that came from one of my Cali Brownites! 

One of my sorors who pledged me stated, "Inspiring". I was not expecting that comment at all.  

One of my football moms (our boys have been on the same football and basketball teams) commented, "First impression people person but my current impression is the same but add intelligent with a loving spirit. "

One of my dear line sisters said, 1st Impression - Nice. Cute. In the "in" crowd. Current Impression: Resourceful. Dependable. The "go to" girl. I THANK GOE THAT OUR PATHS CROSSED! PROUD TO CALL YOU SOROR. BLESSED TO CALL YOU LS. GRATEFUL THAT WHENEVER I NEED YOU, I CAN JUST CALL YOU! *tear

Now, I am not the type of person who let other's perception define me. However, I know their perception is their reality of me. I never had anyone give me their opinion of me that I did not agree with at least part of it because I have stated many times. I am a many things to many people. I am who you need me to be while still being me!

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