Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celebrating Life through Love Languages

Over the next few weeks, we will celebrate life through love languages. Now, some of you may have heard of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  In a nutshell, Dr. Chapman states we all have a natural love language. He explains it using our natural language. Most of you reading this post have English as your native language. Some might have a secondary language as Spanish, French, German, or some other language. If you are born in Germany, your native language is probably German.

In the same sense, we have a primary love language. There are five primary love languages. They are as follows:
·         Words of Affirmation – compliments and kind words make your day.
·         Quality Time – spending undivided time/attention is the best
·         Receiving Gifts – small, big, and especially thoughtful gifts are the most meaningful
·         Acts of Service – doing something  as simple as taking out the trash, filling up the tank, or any other task
·         Physical Touch – it’s more than just sex. It’s a hug or holding hands. Touching the small of the back. Being wrapped in each other arms watching a movie.

Some of us are “fluent” in more than one language. Do you know yours? Here is a link to take a quiz to help discover yours.

Come back and share your love language. In the coming weeks, we will discuss how we can celebrate and make you feel love in your language.

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